Scorpio: Preparing To Upgrade

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Richard Avedon 1995

Saturn continues its reverse trek through the very tail-end of your sign this month and will continue reviewing important life decisions, especially in career and finance, which were made during holiday season of last year. You receive help from Jupiter and Venus which, together, amplify your magnetic quality- the professional direction is becoming quite clear and not so scary to follow after all. Remember that pivotal career choices can be to upgrade your role in the marketplace, but also to exit the marketplace. Whether contemplating the start of your own business or competing for a promotion, or planning to leave the workforce in order to play a more influential role within the family, Scorpio is nearing decision time.

The June 2nd Full Moon and June 16th New Moon in your financial house and house of other people’s resources should shed light on how well your values are being supported. Is your current job affording you the lifestyle best fit for your priorities? Affording a lifestyle may be monetary, but things like time and stress affect lifestyle too. With the moon series, some revision work in how you are balancing personal needs with professional demands get laid out.

In relationships, this might mean revision work in how you two balance mutual funds, time and chores together. Last month you had a Full Moon on May 3rd and New Moon on May 18th along your relationship axis stimulating ideas about how you want to behave in an ideal partnership. Now, you start getting into the grit of how to do that in reality. Most likely things get off the sticking point around June 11th and feel like they’ve actually got life by June 16th.

The Moon is in your sign, Scorpio, from June 27th-28th so these are wonderful dates to assert yourself in personal and professional arenas. Begin taking steps towards whatever goal is going to change how your status is perceived to the world at large; this could be preparing for the job/financial upgrade (or leaving a traditional job to make family your full time work), or entering/exiting a relationship. June 30th will be the highpoint of your energy this month and help set the stage for August when Saturn is at long last ready to make its big decision.

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