Scorpio: Passing The Test

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Kelley Devine- Scorpio

In August, Scorpio concludes the profound transformation period which began in October 2012. Saturn, the cosmic judge, has transited your sign over the past three years causing a deep personal review which likely resulted in shifting bonds and responsibilities. When Saturn passes through our sign we ask: “What have I made of myself?” Some people may have ambitiously turned their eyes toward the future and began working on establishing a greater life position; others may have turned their eyes toward the past and spotted regret around missed opportunities or poor choices. Saturn’s assessment of your accomplishments thus far in life is what determined the tone of your experience during the past three years. What ‘homework’ have you been doing since Fall 2012?

The Saturn experience is hallmarked by a distinct duality: cutting and building, which typically occur in tandem. What’s being evaluated is the level of responsibility you have assumed for making wise choices that are aligned with your authentic nature and can help fulfill your spiritual contribution to this world. In the grand scheme, Saturn examines choices you made about 27-28 years ago; if this is just barely your age, then- yes- it’s a review of how you’ve matured in life up until this point.

For example in relationships, you either got married/increased relationship stakes or got divorced/terminated the romance. In career, for example, you either received a promotion/started your own company or were passed over for an opportunity/lost your job. Infrequently are there shades of gray where Saturn is concerned. Saturn wields an investor’s mentality- what’s my ROI (Return On Investment) on this person or situation? If the circumstance is beneficial, Saturn ramps up its level of investment; if the circumstance is not constructive or has outlived its previously utility, Saturn cuts losses. This is why Saturn is known equally for causing wonderful life milestones- such as getting married, winning a big job, having a baby- as it is heartbreaking changes- such as a breakup, death in the family, or financial shift. In either case, Saturn is constructing a more secure future to be aligned with your true persona.

As of August 2nd, Saturn finally releases its influence on Scorpio. You have risen to the occasion, measured up against tough standards, and now begin the phase of re-envisioning your life story with a sense of optimism. Scorpio will work on recovering from any losses during the Saturn cycle and manifesting the products of its positive changes. On August 4th-5th, Venus and Jupiter unite in the sky bidding farewell to Saturn. This is a marvelous tipping off point to transition Scorpio energetically into opportunities to manifest big dreams up ahead. You should plan a special occasion around these dates, or dedicate extra time to yourself for brainstorming next steps of your personal plan – let imagination run wild! If you have been holding off on capital spend, this would be a great time to reward yourself with a small treat. Nothing too extravagant, but a symbol of a job well done.

Venus gets further illuminated by a New Moon on August 14th, helping to turn the page in favor of Scorpio’s next efforts. Particularly in matters of love or career, the New Moon offers an enthusiastic boost. The Moon then wades through your sign August 20th-22nd recharging Scorpio’s personal power in the Universal equation. By November, Scorpio will feel fully empowered. Spend August recuperating from the Saturn experience and reflecting on the major growth you’ve accomplished over the past three years- you did so well!


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