Scorpio: Lovescope 2017

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Kelley Devine- Scorpio

Scorpio radiates power. With a deep heart and penetrating insight, you see into others in a way that creates an aura of intimacy. Scorpio emanates a distinctly sexual vibration that reaches others on an instinctual, primal level beyond their conscious inhibitions. Your intense passion towards another makes them your sole desire which, in turn, feels flattering and irresistible to the other. Scorpio gravitates towards those who are mysterious, soulful, sexual, dramatic, powerful, private or who need to be taken in hand by a trusted confidante for emotional transformation. Scorpio can commit to eternity with someone special once emotional trust has been secured, and so long as the sex is good. This year, Scorpio gets a whole new lease on life, part of which may include a dramatic beginning or ending to a relationship.

February focuses Scorpio on creative, joy-filled pursuits. You may find that a hobby or interest figures prominently during this time, and might meet someone special through these creative pursuits or perhaps share a side project with your sweetheart. For some, it may be that you are very involved in an entrepreneurial-type business that combines yours and/or a partner’s passion with money making. Later in the year, a desire for more creativity or freedom in the career becomes apparent. For the single Scorpio, this could be a time of socializing or dating. For the committed Scorpio, doing something creative or entrepreneurial together, or attending artistic or social events, brings you two closer. The family-oriented Scorpio may observe an important change in the life of their children, probably the first-born, or perhaps the desire to have a child becomes aroused. This is especially true for those with a Scorpio rising sign.

Duty and obligation are hot buttons in April and May when Mercury Retrogrades through the partnership house as well as service house. Is work getting in the way of romance? Or is your relationship feeling like work? The situation is even more complex if Scorpio works with their partner. Tension escalates from April 10th-20th, with a capitulation around the May 10th Full Moon, but evens out by May 16th-20th. Remember that passion, depth and intensity drive your sign so make sure you are truly “turned on” by who you are with or what you are doing.

Beginning October 11th and running through November of next year, Scorpio steps fully into its power as Jupiter illuminates your zodiac sign for thirteen months. Jupiter elevates your importance, making risk-taking, daring change and seizing opportunity quite favorable. It’s possible that a change in the career and/or home & family life are on the horizon, and very likely there is a connection between the two spheres of influence. Factor into the mix that Scorpio wants to confirm a relationship decision; either to stay in or release an existing partnership, or to obtain the right partner if one is absent. Freedom and authenticity are the calling cards of all these decisions; Scorpio is crying out: “I want to feel free to be me. ” Circumstances which feel false or limiting get booted between now and next year.

Amid the shift towards greater freedom and authenticity that Scorpio will pursue under Jupiter’s influence, romance may be the first area that gets addressed. Venus enters your sign from November 7th-30th calling attention to heartfelt needs, with the November 18th New Moon signaling prime time to set intentions around the kind of love you want to have in your life. Scorpio now has a superb opportunity to begin a new relationship or to focus intently on an existing bond. This time frame is especially important for those with Venus in Scorpio.

Scorpio Venus is the most intense lover of the zodiac, often feeling a sense of destiny or mystic bonding with their romantic partners. Scorpio Venus draws in and is drawn in by deep wells of emotional fascination, the shadowy sides of a personality, and often enjoys the naughtiness of breaking social taboos. Sex is the holds all the secrets of the relationship because during this alchemical experience the partner’s aura can be penetrated, dissected and devoured- taking Scorpio Venus to the depths it craves. Being mysterious or sexually powerful will attract the Scorpio Venus you admire. Scorpio Venus values knowing and feeling to the core, so to keep Scorpio Venus in love you have to be willing to get naked- literally and metaphorically.

By Fall, all those with Scorpio energy completes the soul-searching phase and step into a more prominent era of life. Between this fall and next fall, moving, buying/selling/improving the home, confirming a relationship decision may take place. In everything you do, trust your instincts and follow where true passion smolders.

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