Scorpio Horoscope- April 2015: Hot and Bothered

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Scorpio’s sense of being stalled out since the holiday season finally changes course with the April 8th movement of Jupiter into a favorable position. The Scorpio April horoscope brings attention to life-shaping opportunities, but also challenges self-discipline to keenly discriminate amongst prospects.

In July 2014, Jupiter- the universe’s growth agent- moved into aspect with your sign. You began the active search for ways to expand your position in life. “What job do I want next where I can really flaunt my strengths? What financial milestone or large purchase will represent my having ‘made it’? Would marriage and a family be a way to extend myself? What longstanding goal am I now able to conquer?” As of last summer, you were looking to the near future with interest in strutting your stuff. Selecting future opportunities was about personal challenge and glory, and the qualified sense of confidence that you could succeed.

However, in late December 2014, Jupiter moved Retrograde and temporarily paused your efforts. Over the past four months reconsiderations about the selected objectives or the course for achieving them have been made. Since around the holiday season you may have felt the fast track simply slowed down. Ultimately this is a good thing because it gave you time to think and prepare, but it’s hard to see the virtue in patience when excitement is running high.

On April 8th of this month Jupiter gets back in gear and so do you. Look for a turning point in your key objective around this time. Whatever track you are on in this matter will continue through August of this year. Sound like everything is shored up? There is still a lesson to be learned about lucky Jupiter: discernment. When the expander planet aspects your sun sign, everything about your persona grows. That could also mean your ego or temptations to overindulge in the multiplicity of opportunities which seemingly fall into your path. Spending money foolishly, overconsumption of food/drink/drugs, cyclical affairs and overworking are all ways that a Jupiter transit could go wrong. Learning the value of moderation will be key in order to properly capitalize on Jupiter’s power of increase.

Scorpio rising folks experience relationship activity all month as three planets sizzle in your house of partnership. Mars, the energizer planet, will sit in the lover’s hot spot throughout April keeping up a constant stream of focus on romance. Depending on how your relationship is going, Mars can either ignite battles around unmet needs or heat up your interest in each other. If you are not yet officially linked, Mars creates opportunity for dating or sexual encounters and certainly an added mental focus on the desire to have a relationship. April 1st-11th the planet of love, Venus, participates in the pillow talk making these the most romantic days of the month for you. Sex should be on the agenda as well as some indulgent purchases or nights out on the town. On April 15th Mercury, the messenger planet, follows up on the romantic activity to keep you two talking about next steps in the relationship. On the other side of the coin, your fling may end up the talk of the town. Excitement and sensual pleasure reach a peak on the 17th when saucy Mars aspects lucky Jupiter…you may in fact get lucky. In work-related matters, you get clear direction early in the month when Jupiter plows forward on April 8th. The 1st-14th has you thinking about money matters and getting things done around the office. With this important Jupiter positioning now in effect, you may have a new outlook on where your career is going. For some this may mean leaving a position for something more desirable, perhaps relocating for a job, or finally receiving a promotion/bonus within a current role. For others this may mean leaving a traditional career in pursuit of family life. Either way, your work environment begins to look very different. The April 18th New Moon helps you get a start on these initiatives.

For all those with prominent Scorpio energy, April is an upwards looking month. Expect to feel things moving ahead which had lost their fire at the end of last year. As your personal power ramps up, be prepared to take action. You no longer need to think on it. For some, this could be a hot time on the romantic front. Go give us something to talk about.


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