Scorpio: Getting Down Under

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May 2015 Scorpio horoscope

Scorpio gets a lot of action in May- quite literally! Full and New Moons crystallize the moving pieces in your life which reached a crescendo around April 8th, and physical Mars enlivens your drive. On a practical level, this means you now more fully understand the unfolding of events which began early last month and are taking the reins of how things are going to go down in the near future. The ‘surprise’ element has passed; you are ready to ride the wave. From a social point of view, your most intimate relationships come under the microscope as you investigate how deep the bond is. This is about determining whether or not your connection with someone can go the distance. For some, this planetary activity will light up your sex life as you explore the intensity of your bond.

Occurring in the sexy sign of Scorpio, the May 3rd Full Moon is about the fulfillment of desire. In romantic affairs, it might turn a page in your sexual playbook or call attention to emotional longing. Mars, the planet governing libido, is in an equilibrium position with your sign at the beginning of the month adding greater stimulus to primal intention. Plan intimate encounters around the Full Moon.

On a personal level, the May 3rd Full Moon may bring an incremental level of resolution to activities which started around April 8th. If you are making changes in your professional or financial arenas, anticipate a subtle cosmic nudge about whether or not you are headed in the right direction.

For those with health issues related to the sex organs, bowels or intestines, the Full Moon could potentially be a troublesome as those issues are exacerbated. However, if you are seeking healing from such ailments, this is actually an excellent time to see a health practitioner as symptoms of your condition easily come to light and therefore can be dealt with.

Later, the May 18th New Moon promises another chapter in events that lit up around the earlier Full Moon. As the name implies, New Moons are about new beginnings. This monthly occurrence lightens the mood and breathes a puff of resilience into present objectives. Monthly lunations (moon movements) are subtle shifts in our calendar moods, rather than epic events, but they typically amplify other ongoing planetary themes experienced at the time. In this way, lunations represent mini-highs on your immediate journey. Look forward to seeing previous May 3rd events in an enlightened perspective.

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