Scorpio: Catch And Release

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Kelley Devine- Scorpio

Images are of paintings by Houston artist, Kelley Devine.

Saturn- the cosmic- judge has been in your sign Scorpio since Fall 2012. As Saturn moves through the horoscope, she tests the reality structures of our lives. What beliefs have we proliferated from our childhood experiences or social expectations? Are those beliefs truly aligned with how we have become as independent adults? Saturn is pushing the boundaries on your sense of reality, and therefore may challenge existing relationships or circumstances to see if they are authentically aligned with your core identity. In December 2014, Saturn very briefly moved into the next zodiac sign of Sagittarius giving a small glimpse of the inspirational life vision ahead. However, in March of this year, she just as quickly reverted back into your sign as a final test to wrap up any detoxing and reorganizing of structures which needs to be done. July is the last month Saturn will spend in your sign before moving on for good. What cleansing of debris still needs to occur so you can have a life well lived?

Venus, planet of love, unites with inspirational Jupiter in the sky on July 1st suggesting you may very well receive a stroke of enlightenment about what is coming next in your life. Hold on to that feeling of pure joy- whatever person or circumstance arises, that is what you should aim towards in the near future. Then, begin working in reverse to let go of anything which is not representative of that purity. The cutting process becomes clear on July 14th when Venus makes a tension angle to Saturn. There may be particular growing within intimate relationships, a changing of how one loves their partner, child or close friend.

The Moon is in your sign, Scorpio, July 23rd-25th heightening intuitive awareness. This is an excellent time for emotional cleanout; air dirty laundry with others, or let go of it within yourself. Letting out demons is an important part of saving energy; so often, we waste energy on keeping secrets, holding back feelings, self-criticism or withholding intimacy from others. Though we consciously know it is toxic behavior, we subconsciously continue to do it because holding on feels safe. In some ways, we fear the explosion of our energy. What we fail to realize, is that we are setting ourselves up for an implosion. Now is the time to let go. Experiences may be particularly cathartic around the July 31st Full Moon.

For Scorpio rising, anticipate a busy month of external activities, some of which may take you away from home. Throughout July, Mars- the busy body- is in your house of personal expansion pushing the limits of physical and intellectual boundaries. Physically, you may travel or even take on a physical feat such as exercise competition or new health regimen; intellectually, you may be learning something new, participating in spiritual activities or possibly even engaged in some legal work. Normal comfort zones will be broadened even more so during July 9th– 23rd, and honed by the July 15th New Moon. Career or public image may benefit from this adventurous persona you’ve taken on from July 24th through the end of the month. In fact, ambitions may take on a new direction as a result of the personal growth you just experienced; new horizons may challenge existing professional plans, so try to incorporate those new ideas or feelings rather than brush them under the rug. Goals get revised July 25th through September, so don’t think you are going to run away from the new experiences which have been strategically placed on your doorstep for serious consideration!

Collectively, all those with Scorpio energy experience the final release of emotional cannonballs and unhealthy habits this July. Next month going forward, you are a lot lighter as life takes on a sense of renewal.

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