Scorpio: Brand YOU!

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Fall festivities get Scorpio into the social swing as a New Moon lights up your zodiac sign. What are you celebrating? Mercury- the cosmic busy body- buzzes across the face of your horoscope November 2nd-20th increasing the likelihood that your calendar will be filled by various outings, conversations with friends and endless to-do excursions. Later in the month, the socializing and task-mastering may pay off financially.

A New Moon in your sign on November 11th heightens personal power, so plan on deploying the most strategic uses of energy at this time. As it pertains to romance in particular, Scorpio may find it is able to control circumstances. Whomever you lust after (love, perhaps, but not necessarily) will probably be unable to resist your advances. Evolutions in romance could be the continuation of a story which began around October 27th.

Mercury’s trek across the face of Scorpio’s horoscope signals a high time for personal projection. You are your best marketing agent, and this month your personal brand receives great publicity. Friends and social/professional networks will also help spread the word about you. If you’re looking for love, get social. As you communicate with a variety of people you may be surprised at how well your message is received, and very likely a friend will introduce you to someone of interest. If you have been waiting to reach out to a love interest, now is the time to make contact.

Professionally, this is a superb opportunity for you to market new clientele, give a presentation, or be in the media. In fact, your public relations efforts could lead towards dollar signs as soon as November 21st-30th. On November 24th Scorpio chooses its words and investments carefully.

Future hopes and dreams, especially as they are connected to entrepreneurial endeavors, pick up speed November 18th when Neptune launches ahead. If you have a side business or personal project, you may soon realize that it’s profitable enough to be pursued full time. Overall, Scorpio is solidifying its financial position to have more control of your future- regardless of what happens at the day job. This is wise since your office environment needs a good shaking up, but you must be prepared to roll with the punches.

Throughout the month, it is good-hearted fun while mixing with others which incidentally leads to Scorpio’s success. This is a nice break from your sign’s characteristic need for calculated strategy. In November, Scorpio learns that when you let your guard down the right resources have a chance to enter your lair.

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