Scorpio: 2016 Forecast

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Kelley Devine- Scorpio

In 2016, Scorpio and Scorpio rising continues efforts to secure a long-term financial future by building on opportunities and strategies which began last year. Scorpio may find that leveraging others through its social networks, or by helping others’ dreams succeed, is the pathway towards sustainable security goals. In fact, there may be much socializing and creativity this year; it is likely this will be expressed in the form of an entrepreneurial business or creative side project. Collaboration is key in 2016.

The year begins and ends with a Mercury Retrograde cycle in the messaging house, so watch what you say in January and December. If you work in the communications, media or travel industry these months may be challenging. For all Scorpio or Scorpio rising, be mindful of verbal misunderstandings or technology/transportation glitches during these months. In all cases, signing legal or financial contracts in January or December is not favorable.

Over the course of eight months (almost 75% of 2016!), Mars- planet of action, willpower and passion- will ride through your zodiac sign making for an extremely busy and possibly intense year. Mars represents the warrior archetype who can either use its energy to champion valuable causes or to promote its own agenda by bullying others. Which version of the warrior will you be?

Mars makes its initial thrust into Scorpio from January 3rd-March 4th, making this an effective time for getting things done. Have realistic goals and a clear strategy. Remember that in the bigger sky picture, Saturn is solidifying your material assets and Jupiter is enhancing your social networks or group efforts, so make plans that involve working with other people to grow your tangible security. Since Mars is also a physical energy, this may be a great time to improve your health regimen or take up a new sport.

The April 22nd Full Moon brings information, insight and potentially fulfillment to your zodiac sign. What themes were important in your life around November 11th 2015? This was the New Moon in your zodiac sign, or beginning of a cycle. Now with the Full Moon you are able to see the outcomes of how well you have succeeded in carrying those objectives or relationships forward. Consider April to be a progress report.

The notion of partnership gets reviewed April 29th-May 23rd when Mercury goes Retrograde in your partner sign. Is the nature of current alliances serving you? How you are functioning in a romance or business partnership may need to restructured- especially if the two are connected.

And just when you thought you’d survived one Retrograde period, another one begins. Mars then goes backwards or Retrograde through Scorpio from May 27th-June 29th. If you’re not careful, this may bring out the unsavory side of the warrior planet. During Mars Retrograde, you may find that some of the goals you accomplished back in January-March which you thought were a sure thing are suddenly falling through. Will you allow a sense of frustration or defeat to get the best of you (or worse, retaliate on others), or will you cleverly re-strategize with an even better new game plan? Especially if there are still leftover tensions from the Mercury Retrograde cycle with lovers or business partners, then Mars will bring those issues to a full head.

Depending on how you handle the Mars Retrograde cycle will determine how much recovery is required June 30th-August 2nd when Mars reassumes its normal direction in the sky. During this time Scorpio and Scorpio rising is able to smooth over any dilemmas from recent months, and may be able to renew the objectives or relationships which it set out to make successful back in January-March. Whew!

August may herald a small turning point in domestic or financial matters, which should be generally positive. Especially if real estate, family and money are connected then this should be a step forward.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising take a breath of fresh air at the October 30th New Moon which will sustain a positive, free-flowing energy through the remainder of the year. The New Moon in your zodiac sign signals the beginning of a new life cycle in which you have the power to write the story. Venus- planet of love and money- will also be gracing your zodiac sign so it is possible that you will see an uplift with loved ones or your bank account during the month of October.

Art by Kelley Devine.

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