Sagittarius: Zen

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Sign Paths Sagittarius drawing

What areas of your life deserve greater attention? Mercury Retrograde in your opposite sign highlights those deficiencies May 18th-June 11th, suggesting an opportunity to create more balance ahead. Retrograde periods emphasize the “re” element of action: retreat, reconsider, revise, reignite. Use the energies of May to elevate your commitment to a more complete, whole lifestyle by acknowledging with new enthusiasm areas you usually avoid.

The month begins with Venus complimenting Mercury in your opposite sign. Are financial expenditures aligned with activities and things you truly love, or have you been overspending on extraneous items? Are passions receiving proper funding? May 1st-7th take pleasure in what truly makes your heart sing, then beginning May 18th focus on revising monthly charges to support what the heart values.

When it comes to the heart, bonding with others is also a priority. Are you spending enough time with loved ones? Is your self-characterization attracting the right partners? The Retrograde period may reveal that bonds are either not as deep as they appear, or that connection is happening with inappropriate personalities. Also, you may receive unexpected messages from loved ones or former flames. Surprise contact means they are reconsidering the relationship, and so perhaps are you.

May 11th-31st, Venus moves on but Mars- the energizer planet- steps in to take her place. This energy shifts the tone from being nurturing and attention-focused to evaluating how you are taking charge. In career matters, are you proactive about acquiring new opportunities, accepting accolades and requesting raises? Do skills measure up to expectations? May 11th-17th acknowledge your strengths and interests, then May 18th and thereafter strategize about how best to promote your life position. If it feels like your decisions are being questioned or opportunities have stalled, although temporary, it is an important reminder that you have been acting without thinking it through fully. Embrace the opportunity to plan.

The theme of forging ahead may also reach a turning point on the physical level. May 15th could be particularly memorable. Unexpected accidents, injuries or illness invite greater focus on well-being. Use the Retrograde period to love your body and enjoy the time created by the necessity of slowing down. For those who travel during the Retrograde period, ask yourself both literally and metaphorically “Do I know where I am going and how I am going to get there?” Any delays in arriving at your destination, whether it be a mappable location or a psychological state of being, prompts reconsideration of the plan around proper aims.

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