Sagittarius: Opening Doors

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Kelley Devine- Sagittarius

Sagittarius begins the adventure of a lifetime…or at least an adventure which happens only a very rare few times in one’s life! Two planets, Jupiter and Saturn, now open doors for Sagittarius which make almost any personal achievement possible. As of August, the zodiac’s archer is posed with a thought-provoking proposition: What stars do you intend to aim for?

Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, enters your fellow mutable sign of Virgo on August 11th through September 2016. Jupiter is the enhancement energy of the Universe; wherever the jovial planet transits, this area of life grows and increases. For this reason, Jupiter is popularly called the Great Benefic or gift-bringer. Since it governs Sagittarius, Jupiter transits are always important to observe. From this summer to the next, opportunities will seem to arise out of thin air; once sights are set on something, it may be as if doors simply open. You are encouraged to take risks and try new things with the great likelihood that ‘luck’ is on your side. Especially in the area of career or means to improve public status, Jupiter can help bring prestige to your image. The lesson in a Jupiter transit surrounds courage and faith- you must have the curiosity to grow beyond your comfort zone, fortitude for sustaining the journey, and belief that the outcomes will exactly what is best meant for you. Jupiter says: “It’s more about the journey, than the destination.”

Mercury, the thinker, also enters Virgo this month and makes an equilibrium aspect with spiritual Neptune on August 12th. This should help Sagittarius initiate the visioning process for life’s next big steps. In fact, the meaning of life may take on larger, more universal proportions over the next two years; giving back to others, making a personal contribution to humanity, and living with a sense of spirit may permeate future plans. What do you feel “called” to? You now have the best opportunity to choose a life vocation. The Moon is in your sign, Sagittarius, from August 23rd-24th, so use those days for contemplating how your passions might be able to have a significant influence on the greater world. In the area of romance, you will need to carefully choose a partner who not just feels exciting but who can truly sustain you in the bigger mission.

Spirit takes on a magnified dimension with the August 29th Full Moon conjoined Neptune. A chance situation to serve someone else or a cause may arise around this time; sudden generosity to a homeless person you pass while walking to work, caring for a stray animal who wanders into your yard, donating gently used belongings to a charity, or even being the strong shoulder for a friend in need. In some way, the Full Moon moves you beyond individual concerns. Especially if this act of service is related to your evolving sense of life calling, the Full Moon experience will model future behaviors.

August prepares Sagittarius for the entrance of Saturn into your sign next month which will initiate new responsibilities that could merit honors, awards and achievements through December 2017. Saturn will launch you into the manifestation cycle of your greatest ambitions, there will be much work involved. Take advantage of the visioning period offered in August with the encouragement of Jupiter; miracles will soon fall in your lap.

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