Sagittarius Horoscope- April 2015: Knowledge Is Power

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The zodiac’s carefree archer is becoming more responsible as Saturn grows wisdom and maturity within you by passing through your sign. Last month, responsible Saturn turned Retrograde and this month that motion continues. The brief Retrograde period sets the tone for inner insights which comes from time to step back and evaluate before proceeding. April’s horoscope for Sagittarius finds a million ways for the archer to ‘age gracefully’ in the most inspiring ways possible.

April 8th and 9th are personal power days for Sagittarius with the Moon in your sign. As the Moon passes through your sign, it means the cosmic mood for that day is in sync with your natural energies. Everyone is simply feeling more Sag that day! This is an excellent time to plan healthy, self-serving activities because your individualism is at an all-time high for the month. Later, on the 20th-22nd, the Moon moves through your partner sign meaning you seek a balancing agent for yourself. This is a good time to enjoy close partners for their unique characteristics compliment yours in different but essential ways. By experiencing ‘otherness’ you learn more about yourself through compare/contrast and also can get feedback from an outside source- both wise moves in the grand scheme of self-development. When the Moon is in your partner sign, you may also seek ways to balance other areas of your life that have not received sufficient attention this month.

Venus, the magnetizer planet, moves into your partner sign on April 11th working favorably to draw resources into your life which may have been absent up until now. For many, this is often a transit which harkens a time for romance. Affection and support from others is something we all need, so Venus may draw in a loved one or lover to provide the caring you can’t do for yourself. While Venus transits are usually not powerful enough to suggest the start of a serious relationship, a touch of companionship could surely be in your court. Venus aspects serious Saturn on April 15th, sharing lessons about being more adult in love. Venus-Saturn is about balancing the desire to play and have fun with the duty to uphold commitments to someone else or practical duties. Overall, responsible caring is a part of your growing up.

If you have a Sagittarius rising sign, then your social houses are the focus of the overriding theme of reflection and responsibility in your life right now. A Lunar Eclipse signals a turning point in your social network on April 4th. “Am I surrounding myself with people whose lifestyles are representative of how I envision myself in the near future?” By gaining more clarity about real goals and aspirations, the people you organize around comes up for review. If you have not been running in the right circles, the Lunar Eclipse my signal an event which reveals fruitless friendships. If you have been socializing with similar mindsets, then the Lunar Eclipse may represent a turning point when one of those contacts becomes pivotal. You may get important messages from this person or group around April 8th when Mercury, planet of exchange, meets up with Uranus, planet of surprise. Social networking revisions will continue through the April 18th New Moon. For Sagittarius rising, expect work to be busy this month. There’s an impending sense that you’re about to get somewhere with all the hard work you’ve been pouring into doing something distinctly unique in the professional sphere. In an effort to be more responsible as a whole, April focuses you on connecting socializing with the hard work of future-building.

All forms of Sagittarius energy emphasize wisdom in April as you evolve from the wanderlust into the philosopher. Maturity is about purposeful direction of natural energies, not the resignation of those inherent traits which make Sagittarius famously exciting. So do not fear the loss of any freedom in the maturation process. In fact, you become freer through the greater awareness of your limitations as well as well boundless potential.


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