Sagittarius: Hall Of Fame

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Sagittarius experiences honors, awards and achievements this month as three planets spotlight your public house. What will you be recognized for?

The beginning of October may have you traveling; as the saying goes, one can’t be a prophet in their own land, so accolades for competency in your field may arise as a result of your seemingly far-off adventures. If you are staying in your seat this month, writing, media or education may keep you busy October 1st-9th; the work you do early on receives quick recognition by mid-month.

Mars energizes your public house throughout October, so aim for big goals as you will likely succeed. Anticipate things to be very busy at work, with a high propensity for interacting with superiors. Sagittarius can now make a bold impression on bosses and leaders, individuals who may figure strongly in determining future opportunities in your career. Be confident, assertive, and take decisive action. Caution, however, not to seem falsely cocky or cross boundaries with superiors; this will be looked down upon rather than positioning you as an emerging leader.

Venus enters your public house October 9th through month’s end magnetizing money and attention to Sagittarius. Once Venus begins participating with Mars, you will definitely be noticed by superiors. If you have been wanting to ask for a promotion, raise, big project or move forward on entrepreneurial endeavors certainly now is the time. In fact, you might take on new responsibilities October 10th when Venus aspects disciplined Saturn in the sky. If Sagittarius can exceed expectations in these arenas, you may swiftly receive praise as soon as October 25th when Venus aspects generous Jupiter- and sometimes appreciation comes in the form of bank deposits.

The Moon is in your sign Sagittarius from October 16-17th, so this is the power-working period to press full steam ahead on near term goals if you want to have a chance at quick recognition by the Venus-Jupiter deadline.

Relationships will receive attention next month with a Full Moon in your partnership house, but October is all about working hard and making you shine. Achieve great things now so you can be embraced by others in your full glory in just a few weeks.

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