Sagittarius: Freedom To Be

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After a month of soul-searching with particular emotional work on relationships, Sagittarius finds resolution in June.

In matters of romance, Mercury continues its Retrograde reflection through June 11th. As bookends on either side of that finale date, the June 2nd Full Moon reaches decisions on how to proceed and those pans become actionable with the June 16th New Moon. Since mid-month in May, Mercury has been on a fact-finding mission in your partner sign. For those in an existing relationship, this period assesses: How is the relationship going? Should it continue, or be taken to another level? Am I growing as a result of this partnership? For those on the dating scene, Mercury Retrograde assesses: Is my personal messaging proper for attracting the right match? Am I asking the right questions of potential partners? Do I have all the information needed to make a wise decision? In all cases, use the Retrograde period for finding out and thinking through; do not feel pressure to reach a conclusion. For Sagittarius, romance is always a matter of personal expansion- a relationship is a means to discover different and better things that enrich the soul and its connection to the world at large. Sagittarius lives in the process of constantly becoming bigger on mental, physical and emotional planes. Who you link up with either assists or detracts from taking the world in.

Throughout most of the month, Mars- the energizer planet- is also in your partner sign further catalyzing focus on partnership. As a “doer” energy, Mars may create a sense of aggravation around the romantic situation in its characteristic need to move things along. So on one hand the Mercury Retrograde energy is encouraging you to hang back and really see first what is going on, meanwhile Mars is anxious to do something. If you are a Sagittarius rising sign, this is immensely true for you. Rather feeling torn in two, allow the frustration to spark needed discussion around problem areas or inspire a bold move reaching out to others. You will actually feel freer in allowing the inevitable collision to occur and seeing what is released.

Freedom to grow is as pertinent in professional as well and, while work is not the main focus for June, career decisions are slowly accumulating in the background. By the end of summer, Saturn- planet of responsibility- will move into your sign adding opportunities for achievement to your plate. But for now, Saturn continues to review choices made around holiday season of last year. What was happening with work plans from Thanksgiving to New Years 2014? This month, you are still in the process of formulating your breakout career strategy that will finally receive momentum by August. Plan ahead.

June hones in on cleaning up areas of your life with outstanding matters in preparation for the remarkable Fall season you’re going to have- so don’t hold back from doing the restructuring now! Professional goals have been a progressive, ongoing revision but now relationships get the spotlight. Sagittarius has so much to look forward to in the latter half of 2015; start getting ready today.

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