Sagittarius: Aligning The Target

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Kelley Devine- Sagittarius

Images are of paintings by Houston artist, Kelley Devine.

Sagittarius is on the precipice of taking on new responsibilities over the next two years when Saturn will enter your sign. While these responsibilities require hard work, they will also make you feel more adult and independent. Great accomplishments are just around the corner. In the meantime, however, Saturn is hanging out in the backdrop just over your shoulder. So if you feel a sense of impending ambition or duty, then you are not crazy- Saturn is simply making its presence known little by little. Although exact plans do not yet have to be defined, begin thinking about your next big step in life. Is it purchasing a first home, getting married, having a baby, taking a promotion? Whatever the target, now is the time to start musing over what the near future looks like.

Mercury helps the brainstorming process July 1st-8th, so use this time to gather facts about your desired plan, write down thoughts or talk it through with a friend. Consider this the mind-dumping period. It is better to imagine grand possibilities and work backwards from that into the practical details later than to obsess over practical details and try to imagine something incredible from those limited possibilities.

Venus brings headway in inspiration July 18th through the end of the month as she aspects your sign, so stay open to anything that feels beautiful. People, objects and activities which bring pleasure are huge indicators of our natural love instinct. Often, however, we write those things off as frivolous. “I could never make a living doing that, or no one would ever pay me for this, or it’s just something I like but no big deal.” But those are the very things which could lead us to the highest emotional reward and possibly financial reward because we feel the most passionate about them. Take stock this month of who or what makes you feel inspired; you won’t have to act on it until later in the year anyways.

If you have a Sagittarius rising sign, then values and valuables come into focus this month- especially if they are linked to a relationship. Mars spends the entire month in the house of intimacies suggesting that joint finance, other people’s resources and potentially the intricacies of sex need some picking through. The July 1st Full Moon in your financial house and complimentary July 15th New Moon in the intimacy house accents the ongoing review of how values match up with other people’s expectations. Get a grip on money matters and your head will feel freer when making decisions related to emotional pinpoints. Creative or entrepreneurial endeavors may take a temporary timeout when Venus, the attractor, and Uranus, the innovator, go Retrograde on July 25th and 26th respectively. You are in line to make tremendous professional strides this year through 2016, but first the universe asks you to take one final look at the plan. Especially if any further education, travel or contract negotiation is required to successfully initiate your plan then those items will become apparent during the Retrograde period. As the Archer of the zodiac sets sights on the next goal, careful not to allow enthusiasm to leave important details unattended to. You’ll know what needs to be done by the July 31st Full Moon.

Everyone with Sagittarius energy brims with hope for the future this month, but is reminded that excitement along will not bring success. Strategic thinking is still required to achieve goals, but enthusiasm serves the purpose of inspiring what those goals should be. July 26th-27th the Moon is in your sign, Sagittarius, so blend strategy with vision and prepare for major accomplishments just ahead.

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