Sagittarius: 2016 Forecast

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Kelley Devine- Sagittarius

‘Responsibility’ is the 2016 mantra for Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising as Saturn- the herald of maturity- continues its journey through your zodiac sign. Beginning in December 2014 and running through December 2017, Sagittarius embarks on a three year practice of determination, duty and commitment as Saturn evolves you into a new level of adulthood. This year, Sagittarius will seek to advance its life position through career advancement. As Sagittarius develops professional ambitions, relationships and the living situation may undergo some respondent changes.

The year begins with a focus on love and financial commitments as Venus illuminates your zodiac sign from January 1st-23rd. If you are in a relationship, you will seek to discover how deep the bond is, and may be willing to do things for your partner that go beyond the norm in order to discover more about the nature of your bond. If you are single, this is prime time for dating or putting yourself in social settings in which you might attract an admirer. It is common for romances to begin under a Venus transit.

Venus also gets you thinking about investment: how and with whom you are investing time, energy and material resources. January would be an advantageous time to advance or realign your investments so you can do and have more of what you love. Especially if money is connected to a loved one, you should be able to get on the same page constructively.

Professional plans retract, potentially so you can focus on other areas of life, from January 7th-May 10th when Jupiter goes Retrograde in the career house. This is not a negative transit, but rather a time to take on less or get some things off your plate so you can see the bigger picture of your whole life. Home and family matters may require attention in March. Later in the year, you will take steps forward in your career and potentially make exciting changes by September.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising gets a major energy boost when Mars- the action planet- enters your sign March 5th-17th. The presence of Mars feels like there is so much to get done, and that it is possible to get anything done. In fact, that might be true. The only caution is not to overdo it. However, when Saturn begins its Retrograde cycle from March 25th-August 13th, the cosmic judge asks: “What exactly are you doing?” This is a bigger question which pertains to your overall life direction.

Over the next six months, Saturn Retrograde will refine your sense of personal meaning. You’ve been on a certain path since approximately December 2014 as it relates to taking responsibility for professional achievements, fiscal maturity and having adult relationships. Saturn Retrograde will have second thoughts about if you are committing to the right people and things.

During this period, another important planetary Retrograde will occur with Mars. From April 18th-May 27th, Mars Retrograde may renegotiate or potentially even reverse the life commitments you have been making lately. Particularly if there were any significant events in March when Mars first entered your zodiac sign, they will now come under review. It is very likely that during Mars Retrograde relationships come under fire. If you are in a relationship that is not working out, this may be the beginning of the end. In a relationship that is working but requires improvement, then do urgent maintenance.

If you are unsure which way to go during the Retrograde cycles, then pay attention to any signs, coincidences or information that is revealed to you around the May 21st and June 20th Full Moons. The Universe will likely present evidence to help you determine next steps. In many ways the Full Moons will represent the capitulation or outcome of events which began in December 2015.

The second half of the year has a lot more momentum as Mars recovers in your zodiac sign from August 2nd-September 26th. Sagittarius is past the reflection or ending stages, and now takes an affirmative direction. September may bring a professional highpoint, which acts as a confidence booster.

Venus brings love and financial prosperity back into your life from October 18th-November 11th. If a relationship ended earlier in the year, it is possible to begin a new romance under this influence. If you and a partner worked through a trying time, you both start feeling renewed and recommitted to your love. In money matters, mid-October through early December should be an excellent time to earn income, spend wisely or at least have peace of mind that your financial situation is stable.

The year rounds out with a peaceful New Moon in your zodiac sign on November 29th. During this time you may reflect on lessons learned about what it means to be ‘grown up’…which is likely quite different that the storybook tales of adulthood we were told about as children. Being ‘grown up’ really means finding your own way to create happiness. On the eve of this New Moon, Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising has the chance to start creating happiness all over again.

Art by Kelley Devine.

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