Pisces: Life Source

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If a sense of life direction has been unclear over the past few months, it becomes imminently apparent in November as Neptune- planet of spirit- activates your zodiac sign. Since June, Neptune has been in a Retrograde or waiting position; plans ahead seemed hard to pin down, even to the point of feeling like giving up. However, as of November 18th, Neptune decides to move ahead in the sky and so do you. The planet’s choice of path will have ripple effects in other areas of your life, most noticeably career and relationship. What significant milestone are you heading towards?

During the first half of this month, relationships take on heightened importance in their contribution to your chosen milestone. Romantically, Pisces may be on the road to deciding if they will get married or stay married. Income may heavily influence marital/romantic decisions at this time. If you are with the right partner, Pisces should find that their loved one takes an active role in helping move dreams along. For the romantically unattached, it is very possible that your dating environment will be busy this month and you may even begin a new relationship. In business, Pisces may be entertaining the thought of engaging with business partners to collaborate around future prosperity. This would be an excellent time to speak with those who share common interests about creative ways of working together. All forms of partnership will be highlighted November 1st-11th, with November 2nd and 7th being the most important days.

Mercury, planet of strategy, sails into your career house November 20th through month’s end making way for incredible business opportunities that will develop more fully in January 2016. Pisces may even have a special opportunity to travel, write, speak or teach this month as a part of their work. Mercury joins serious Saturn on November 24th making future professional goals into a solid plan. On the following day, a New Moon crystallizes the vision of your next major life milestone. It is very important around this latter half of the month for Pisces to utilize your intuitive skills to observe and respond to any potential signs the Universe is likely sending your way…powerful people, chance encounters, unexpected conversations, a moving image, dreams- the source of life is very alive in you at this time. If you are listening, then seemingly coincidental events will reveal themselves as keys to your immediate future.


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