Pisces: Floating Towards Shore

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Kelley Devine- Pisces

Images are of paintings by Houston artist, Kelley Devine.

Pisces has been in an introspective mode for more than a year as Neptune moves Retrograde in your sign. Pisces turns inwards to do visioning in the hopes to someday live an external life which is more connected to spirituality. Attachments in the outer world may have dissolved, and Pisces likely finds itself retreating from anything that feels inauthentic, demanding or loud. You may feel as if life exists in a dream state right now, where things are unclear and you make moves based solely on intuition. You are feeling your way through life at the moment. Floating will finally end in November, but in the meantime Pisces continues making small stokes towards the surface of our cosmic ocean.

July 1st-8th Mercury, the thinking planet, helps you strategize and think more logically about future plans. Though brief, Mercury’s presence provides a much needed grip on reality. What big plan for the future is taking shape? This relates to professional direction on a greater scale- this is about life calling. Mercury assists in gathering data points, learning more about the topic, or communicating with someone who may be able to contribute to your efforts. Begin thinking through the steps needed to execute on dreams, especially July 5th-6th when intuitive Moon is in your sign. During that period, feeling and logic harmoniously combine and you are capable of making excellent decisions.

Venus, planet of love, very briefly makes an aspect to your sign July 18th through the end of the month. While this might pertain to an actual love relationship, it more likely relates to a value or hope which you love. Venus brings into focus doing things which truly come from the heart, and urges you to find a way to incorporate that into upcoming professional moves. “What do I love? And how can I make a rightful living doing that?” In this sense, Venus combines love and money for the ultimate expression of personal value in life.

Shortly after this moment of inspiration, however, Venus begins her Retrograde stretch on July 25th through September. This is the planning and evaluation phase related to finding the proper union of love and money. Having a brilliant idea is a good first step, but bringing an idea to fruition takes work. Most people enjoy the conceptualization phase, but tap out when it comes to follow through. Execution is the ugly part of dreaming. What would it take in reality to make your dream come true? Venus Retrograde tests your love and commitment to the end-vision by throwing practicalities along the path. The true viability of your plan will be revealed by September, and you will be fully ready to move ahead by November.

If you have a Pisces rising sign, then creativity and work ethic get a collective boost this month- a good thing for bringing personal vision to life! Mars, the energizer planet, spends all of July in your house of personal creative expression and is especially complimented during the July 15th New Moon. Seek opportunities to perform, create or debut ideas to others. Whatever comes from within, must now come out. Whether you are still in the brainstorming phase or further along to the showcase phase, take your personal masterpiece public. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter hover in the house of service suggesting that you are not afraid to do the work it takes to put on a good show. It is going to be a busy, but productive month. You now accumulate the tools and time needed to make something high quality; you may be particularly focused on gearing your personal masterpiece to be of service to others in some way. Pisces rising is in the mode of total giving right now. Production may temporarily halt or things may get unusual at work when Venus goes Retrograde on July 25th, which may actually give some needed breathing room amidst a fast-paced month. If your work revolves around beauty, art or women then you may be especially affected by the Venus Retrograde influence. Pisces is a universal soul and well-known for its connection to dreams and intuition; expect psychic sensitivity to peak with the July 31st Full Moon, so look for universal guidance at this time if you are unsure in how to proceed.

Collectively, all Pisces energy is preparing to alter its existing external lifestyle to be a representation of the inner spirit. For most, this will result as a change in the professional arena in some regard. For a few, this may mean changing a partner relationship so that you have a more authentic relationship with yourself. Although Pisces remains in the floating stages of this discovery not yet ready to act on plans, Pisces receives small clues in July that the shore is just up ahead. Better prepare your anchor.


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