Pisces: Faith and Doubt

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May 2015 Pisces horoscope

This month will be particularly intense for Pisces as three planets make an aspect to your sign and tip off Neptune- the cosmic dissolver- which has been hovering nearby for several years. Throughout May, you may have to deal with feelings of doubt.

Neptune is the dissolver of boundaries, which is why people frequently feel lost or unclear during this planetary experience. When all the normal conventions of what you know to be true or the upholding of societal expectations gets stripped away, it begs the question: What do I believe?

Belief has as much to do with religion or philosophy as it does yourself. Sometimes believing in your own power is the biggest challenge.

Mars, Venus and Mercury aspect your sign at various points in May, repeatedly challenging confidence levels. How deep are your convictions? Are you fully committed to your professional path, partner, health stance, church or project? When Mercury goes Retrograde on May 18th-June 11th, the questioning turns up a notch. The excavation process is meant to determine if you feel those commitments at the core soul level, not to deter you. Don’t lose faith at this time.

May 29th is the most serious day in the month for introspection. Should unexpected events or insights occur, embrace them as a needed piece of evidence rather than a ‘red herring’. What seems like an inconvenience or distraction may actually shed light on something important.

May is all about faith for Pisces: Act like a prize, and turn others (and yourself) into a believer.

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