Pisces: Dream On

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Pisces is heading towards taking on more adult responsibilities by the end of this year when Saturn, the cosmic judge, will ultimately come into aspect with your sign. From then on over the next two years, Pisces will focus on establishing an authoritative identity in your chosen field.

The June 2nd Full Moon focuses you on goal setting. Occurring in the mutable sign of Sagittarius, this Full Moon reminds you to set sights on something aspirational and to proceed with learning as much about it as possible. Remember that the sign of Sagittarius is both the student and the teacher in one. In what arena would you like to dedicate your time and efforts…at least for this stage of your life? Is what you are doing now profitable, is what you have sights on profitable? Do you need to learn more or become accredited in that field in order to move forward? In some cases, the choice to make family your full-time vocation may be on the table.

There may be lots of discussions going on at home which underlie your professional decision. Perhaps a partner or family members feel that what you’re doing now does not contribute enough to the household, or takes too much time away. Or, maybe a partner or family members see the talent in what you are currently doing and are encouraging you to take it to the next level- even in spite of your own self-doubt. While this is a decision you should certainly make for your own reasons, it may be helpful to listen to the feedback of loved ones.

Mercury ends its Retrograde period on June 11th, so debates around what you want to do- especially those which may have flared up at home or in relationships- should make some peace. The sense of mental wandering and deliberating over options turns into renewed enthusiasm around taking action with the June 16th New Moon.

In fact, after June 25th when Mars enters your creativity house, ideas about future professional opportunities may take on an entrepreneurial energy. Being entrepreneurial does not necessarily mean you have to open your own business, though that could be an option; it’s about going after your dreams in an innovative way that sets you apart from the crowd.

Pisces will be connected to the energy of the universe most powerfully on June 8th-9th when the Moon is in your sign. Use these days for feeling- perhaps even more than thinking- about what inspires will, drive and dedication in your soul- that is the direction you should be heading over the next two years…which is only the blink of an eye within an entire lifetime. So what feels right, right now?

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