Pisces- April 2015: Rearranging The Fish Pond

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Last month, Pisces was the talk of the zodiac with a powerful March 20th Solar Eclipse in your sign. This month, the cosmic fish swims to less turbulent shores and gets a break from the universe’s spotlight. This does not mean, however, that April is uneventful for Pisces. In fact, last month’s Solar Eclipse cleared the water for the rearranging that Pisces will now do.

The beginning of April may focus on relationships as the Moon travels through your partner sign April 1st-2nd. If you are in a relationship, make extra time for your loved one that day- especially if the recent Solar Eclipse revealed inadequate attentiveness in love matters. If you are dating, then these are optimal dates to get out on the scene. With the Moon in Pisces’ partner sign, it’s also a good time to focus on balancing various areas of your life which do not normally get as much attention. Essentially, when the Moon moves through your opposite sign, it means your energy seeks a counterbalance to its own.

April 8th and 9th get you thinking more seriously about professional matters as the Moon meets up with Saturn, planet of responsibility. If there are any important work projects which must be done, these are good days to accomplish them.

Pisces feels at its best April 14th and 15th when the Moon swims through your sign. These are the best days to plan crucial personal appearances or to engage in activities which truly make your heart sing. In case of Pisces particularly, this could also signal an ideal time for retreat. Since Pisces is the cosmic sponge- the sign best known for absorbing and adapting to environmental stimulus- it also needs time to flush out toxins or energies which you’ve taken on but are not, in fact, your own. If you need to retreat rather than project on these days, then it is perfectly acceptable to do so. Anything which recharges your center.

Venus, planet of love, aspects dreamy Neptune on April 19th making it an ideal date for romance or escapist activities. Been wanting to see a new movie, hide out with a great bottle of wine, soak in a long bath or snuggle between the sheets? Plan the 19th for fantasy and indulgence.

For those with Pisces rising, your financial house makes waves on April 8th when Mercury- the messenger planet- links up with Uranus- planet of surprise. There may be an unexpected event in money matters! Later, with the April 18th New Moon, your pocketbook gets a fresh perspective. Throughout April, your schedule remains packed. Find yourself rescheduling social outings so you can get everything on your to-do list done? Sounds like Pisces rising. You are now very focused on rearranging priorities and finances to better align with your innermost values, and riding the current of your late March/early April experiences it’s like you can’t swim upstream fast enough. Pisces is on a mission to situate its local waters in a way that nurtures inner life. Consider April 22nd to be your day of greatest momentum in these efforts.

For everyone with Pisces energy, April makes the subsequent adjustments for enlightenment which occurred with the recent March 20th Solar Eclipse and following April 4th Lunar Eclipse. All the rocks to settle at the bottom of the pond and be amazed at how the landscape is now more suited for your path.


*If you do not know your Rising sign, we can easily determine it using your birth date, birth location and birth time. Determining your Rising sign will tell you what horoscope sign to also read for in addition to your regular sun sign, whereby providing more specific times/dates when activities occur your life. For your chart, connect with me at maurielle@signpaths.com.

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