Pisces: A Full Moon Calling

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Kelley Devine- Pisces

Pisces is blessed with a surge of cosmic attention in August as Jupiter, the gift bearer, and a fortuitous Full Moon act collaboratively in favor of your sign. You now enter a period of partnership where working with others helps achieve goals, especially in the career realm. In fact, your personal life will also likely benefit from partner support.

On August 11th, Jupiter enters your partner sign, Virgo, where it will sit across from you in the zodiac until September 2016. The arrival of Jupiter heralds a chance to observe the outcomes (or missed opportunities) from choices made approximately five to six years ago. What major milestones occurred around 2010? This August, you reach the halfway point in where the Jupiter journey is leading; progress is reflected to you, and you have the ability to make any necessary adjustments with a fair amount of luck.

As Jupiter makes an equilibrium aspect with your sign, relationships and balancing opposing elements in your life will receive priority now through 2016. In romance, anticipate a serious relationship or perhaps even marriage; for those who are already committed, this is prime time for renewing vows or deepening the bond through memorable experiences. Get started on love with August 4th union of Jupiter with Venus in the sky. Jupiter could also be preparing you to engage in business relationships over the next year. After September when Saturn enters your career house is a wonderful initiation into working with others on professional aspirations.

Mercury also surfs through your partner sign, Virgo, this month making an equilibrium aspect to you dear Pisces on August 12th. Thus begins the thinking process about relationships; whether feeling your way through next steps in a romance or how to collaborate with a partner in business, talk to others for a balanced perspective. Overall, Pisces is receiving an unusual amount of support from its connections. Just remember that it is equally important to give as much as get.

Full Moon in your sign entangles with spiritual Neptune on August 29th, escalating Pisces dreams to epic proportions- perhaps even literally. As Pisces prepares to make professional shifts in order live more closely aligned with one’s inner nature, the spirit becomes awakened to help move through worldly changes from drive within. Sometimes a profound sense of ‘calling’ or ‘destiny’ emerges. Since Pisces is known as the most emotionally attune or psychic sign of the zodiac, your dreams may actually reveal guidance. Should you have an extraordinary experience or dream during the Full Moon, pay attention! This is the Universe channeling through you.


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