Virgo, and Virgo rising: March 2015 Horoscope

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The March 5th Full Moon in your sign, Virgo, brings diligence and careful thinking to the forefront all month. A Full Moon in Virgo is about the capitulation of efforts to perfect a specific system or circumstance; you are now able to see if your stamina in improving something since the New Moon in Virgo on August 25th of last year has been sufficient. What was happening around 8/25/14? Look back to journals, bank statements or work calendars for evidence.

Virgo by sign is the helper of the zodiac; these types are extremely process-oriented, interested in the facts/figures which give context to a person or situation, desiring of a clear plan about how to proceed and, once the road map is clear, excel in taking things to the next level. They are usually fantastic get-it-done personalities, which is why so many Virgos are quite accomplished! Virgo is in a constant state of perfecting. In its purest form, this allows a remarkable focus on self-development: numerous advanced degrees, staying ahead of the latest health regimen, a DIY book on any topic mastered in a single weekend, the hardest worker at the office. Watch out, however, for never being satisfied with results. Virgo-types may trap themselves into feeling never fit enough, there’s always more work to do, it was good but could have been better, and so on. Rest, reflection and satisfaction are extremely important lessons for Virgo to learn. In March, your hard work is now being noticed, and this personal peace enhances the way you relate to others. On the 18th you may be especially well-equipped to make an outstanding sales pitch to clients or have a heartfelt conversation with someone close as Mercury, the ruler of your sign Virgo, connects with intuitive Neptune in the sky.

Mid-March, Saturn turns Retrograde in the private quarters of your horoscope where she will be until August. This is an imperative moment related to activities you began about 7 years ago. Do you recall the major, life-setting themes occurring around 2007-2008? Over the next many months, you are invited to turn inward and reflect on the growth you’ve been doing. Have you made the necessary changes in lifestyle, have you learned from both milestones and mistakes? Reflection is important after great strides as it allows us to settle and position for the next big move which you will be prepared to make at the beginning of fall. The mood for solitude is set on March 12th when the Moon connects with serious Saturn.

Especially if you are Virgo rising, the Saturn Retrograde period will focus on home and family matters, evaluating the state of your familial relationships or the actual status of your residence. Perhaps it is time to finally make peace with a relative or, conversely, to gather the courage to at last speak up about long-standing issues and release yourself of the psychological weight of family drama? Throughout March, particularly before the 16th, there may be lots of activity around joint assets or intense discussions around old family wounds. From another perspective, you could be looking over the current value of your home to sell or improve, or perhaps reconsidering a move or real estate purchase made around the end of 2014/beginning 2015. If you are in a permanent residence, this is the time to take stock of assets and list the enhancements which would make the living experience more enjoyable. This is poignant even more if you are planning to sell. If you have recently made a real estate transaction, this is the time to reflect on why you really did so and if it has improved your position.

Themes of enhancement and purification are summed up on the 20th with a Solar Eclipse opposite your sign. For those born around September 19th-22nd (or for those with a very late degree Virgo rising sign), this eclipse matters most. What was happening around March 19th 2007? This was the last time you experienced a Solar Eclipse in this same position and similar events could possibly occur. The Solar Eclipse is a turning point in your cleansing process, after which you feel liberated from any guilt, worry and thoughts of inadequacy which have been toxifying your confidence. Lightening your load, this cosmic event allows Virgo to move forward in its inherent manner- at peak performance.

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