Scorpio: March 2015 Horoscope

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The Scorpio horoscope for March is decadent. In the first half of March, Scorpio busy with mental work and planning activities as Mercury- planet of exchange- lights up your personal vision. As Mercury moves through the sign of Aquarius, your thoughts center around innovative ways to help others. Combined with Scorpio’s natural urge to transform everything it touches, this is an excellent time for team meetings or interpersonal circumstances where you can play an agent of change. Plan your most important business discussions before March 12th.

Socializing replaces strategy in the second half of March as Venus- planet of attraction- moves into the sign of Taurus and compliments Scorpio’s famous sizzle quality. Personal allure is at a peak March 17th-31st, making those weeks optimal for mingling, dating or, for those who might be seeking a change, upgrading your personal image with a makeover/new hairstyle/wardrobe purchase. Themes of attractivity- dating and beautification- in the second half of March are very relevant for those with Scorpio rising. Venus transits induce a lounge-y mood; in health matters, this makes us more likely to indulge in sweets rather than hit the gym, and in financial matters, we are prone to impulse spending. However, Venus being the arbiter of taste, usually leads us into pleasures we’ve needed anyways as a reward for our usual hard work. As long as it’s not overdone, focus more on the enjoyment of things rather than their practicality. The stars are particularly savvy on March 22nd as the Moon and Venus meet up complimentary to your sign.

For those with Scorpio rising, health systems should become a focus during this month as three planets energize your wellness house. You might become very busy with daily activities at this time (particularly in your work environment), but don’t slack on sleep or workouts as a result. Yes, there is lots to be done; but if you’re not taking care of yourself then Mother Nature will surely catch up with you. Be particularly conscientious on March 11th for any accidents or health flare ups; if you have been nurturing your body and mind then this will be no problem. In fact, this period would be a wonderful time proactively to meet with your doctor or trainer.

Saturn moves Retrograde this month, beginning a temporary trek backwards into your sign, Scorpio. From 2013-2014, Saturn added new responsibilities to your life which, with hard work, you are more than capable of excelling in. For some people, marriage, a baby, buying a first home, moving for a big promotion or starting a business were the highlights of Saturn-in Scorpio (conversely, this could have been finalizing a divorce, losing a loved one or losing a job). Saturn transits create milestone moments in your personal biography. Saturn now positions to revisit those climactic shifts which occurred over the past two years and, while the big deja-vu will happen in June-September, the tone is already being set for the reevaluation of those responsibilities. This is especially true for those born around October 23rd or with a late-degree Scorpio rising sign.

Furthermore, Jupiter- planet of increase- has been in aspect to your sign since 2014 and continues an ongoing Retrograde process through your horoscope. Jupiter’s long-term Retrograde coupled by Saturn’s move Retrograde in mid-March ushers a time of relax and revision in your professional efforts. The slight tension in your daily activities is an impetus to figure out “Is this really what’s best for me?” Scorpio is the natural digger of the zodiac, so looking for the causes underneath behaviors is an easy skill for you. Enjoy playing the detective in your own subconscious- it will infinitely increase the control you have in life. March 9th and 10th the Moon is in your sign, Scorpio, so these are days of personal power: take charge.

March is a great month for Scorpio where a busy schedule offers opportunities to look good- first in the professional field, then in the social arena. Remember to combine indulgence with good health, such as treating yourself to a massage, new workout clothes, or buying a private class with a fitness expert or spiritual savant. You will need to be recharged for next month when Mars- planet of assertion- pushes you on to center stage.


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