Sagittarius March 2015 Horoscope

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This month, Saturn goes Retrograde in your sign, Sagittarius. As Saturn moves into the backdrop of your horoscope, emotional matters are priority through the summer. Beginning on March 14th, a temporary journey back to the events of last fall summons a thoughtful recognition of your emotional needs. “What things characterize the core of who I really am?…not how everyone expects me to be.” “Am I investing time and resources into doing things which uphold those characteristics and make me feel emotionally fed?…not just participating in what’s popular.” “Am I relating to people who represent the various facets of my personality and are connected to the person I am evolving into?…not just hanging on to old connections out of false loyalty or guilt.” Towards the end of this year Saturn will move back into your sign Sagittarius, where the focus will be about actively living a cogent personal philosophy. Now is the time to make sure you stand on solid ground.

Mercury enlightens your communication house this month in compliment to Jupiter’s activity in your exploration house, inviting you to ask bigger questions about the meaning of life and your place in it. March 13th-30th is the time for planning rather than action. “Who am I really? And what mark do I want to leave on the world?” Sounds lofty, but this is indeed the philosophical perspective at hand and something that intellectual Sagittarius is perfectly equipped to discover their own answers to. This month’s Full Moon on March 5th in your public house may turn the first page into helping you fit the right pieces into this bigger puzzle.

The March 20th Solar Eclipse gives your sign and your mutable compatriots (Gemini, Virgo and most especially Pisces) a boost in efforts to crystallize a sense of direction. This cosmic event is particularly powerful for those born around December 21st or for those with a very late degree Sagittarius rising sign. For those with Sagittarius rising, the Solar Eclipse electrifies your house of personal expression putting creative or entrepreneurial pursuits in the palm of your hands. In matters of flirtation and fun, this could be a very adventurous time for you as personal magnetism skyrockets. Should a new relationship begin now (personal or professional) it could prove quite to be very valuable by April-May.

Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, continues her Retrograde motion through your horoscope before she finally makes a strong aspect to your sign in August. Jupiter is the guru of the zodiac, calling you to learn and explore new things in order to assimilate a thorough, diverse perspective. Learning new skills or languages, traveling to a far off location to understand what life is like for others or becoming educated about different beliefs are all ways that Jupiter increases our understanding of the world around us and therefore our place in it. Jupiter makes us more knowledgeable. The retrograde motion is about reflecting on what you’ve recently learned, rather than seeking new information. Have you actively done something with the skills you’ve learned over the past two years? What have you made that is substantial from the new people, interests and opportunities which you stuck your fingers into since 2013? Now is the time to materialize what has already been sitting at your fingertips before Jupiter moves on to new things at the end of summer.

YOU are the focus of your own world this month Sagittarius since there is so much activity in your house of personal expression. March 11th, 12th and 13th are all favorable dates as the Moon meets up with your sign; March 12th is a day of personal power as the Moon is in your sign and also links up with Saturn in the sky, adding structure and serious backbone to your plans. Sagittarius is the ever-learned sign of the zodiac, so take this month to learn more deeply about the most important subject: yourself.

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