Pisces, and Pisces rising: March 2015 Horoscope

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There is so much cosmic excitement around your sign this month as the March 20th Solar Eclipse in Pisces is a historic astrological event that hasn’t occurred since 2007. A Solar Eclipse is essentially an amplified New Moon; the Sun and Moon sit face-to-face together in the sky, a moment when ego and heart sync up as one, and begin a new page in your story. As our conscious self is finally in harmony with our unconscious self, we present a united front to the world. This inner-outer balance will be complimented by the simultaneous meeting of Mercury and Neptune nearby, making this a particularly intuitive experience.

What was happening around March 19th 2007? If that seems too far away to recall, check bank statements/journal entries/ask friends or relatives. Similar themes may repeat themselves now.

Occurring at the tail-end of your sign, this cosmic event sets the stage for a cycle of system cleansing which will continue through the next Solar Eclipse on September 13th of this year. Focus on releasing feelings of guilt or inadequacy linked to under-performance; you will commit to rising to the challenge now. Particularly if there are any habits which have outgrown their utility (negative self-talk, victim attitude, physical bad habits such as caffeine addiction or emotional eating) then this is the time to renew that system. For those with Pisces rising, this eclipse will place more value on your self-esteem which ultimately has a financial impact and reshapes your dealings with intimate partners (such as business partners, spouses or close relatives). As you begin to value yourself more, you are also more in command of how you will and will not allow others to interact with you and are bolder about investing in purchases which are truly representative of your values.

On March 14th, Saturn moves Retrograde in aspect to your sign, inviting a review of the decisions you made in the fall of last year. Saturn’s temporary turn backwards asks you to take a second look at responsibilities you committed to (or severed from) to see if those moves are really in your best interest. As Saturn treks back towards watery Scorpio, your emotional needs and fulfillment re-take center stage. Have you successfully become your own authority on meeting your emotional needs? The fresh attitude from the Solar Eclipse will help you to look at the past six months with new eyes.

A Full Moon opposite your sign on March 5th brings a sense of fullness and balance to the improvements you’ve been making on a practical level. In health matters, this should be an excellent time. If you have embarked on a new wellness regimen then you are now able to measure progress with pride, or if you are looking to begin a new wellness routine then this would be the optimal moment. In work matters, things around the office are running smoothly and it’s easier for you to collaborate with others. If you plan on suggesting a new system of organization/reporting then do so now. On the romantic front, you and partners are now hearing each other so there’s a sense of being on the same page where both parties are able to get what they want. From March 13th-30th, Mercury- planet of exchange- is in your sign so it’s better to plan important meetings or activities which resulted from the Full Moon during this latter half of the month.

For those with Pisces rising, your financial house is extremely active with the most activity happening prior to March 17th. Rewards from the job or business endeavors are now likely to be either awarded or withheld depending on the stewardship of your efforts; either way, a superior will give you a clear signal about how well your plan is working.

Pisces is the most talked about sign of the zodiac this month. All your intuitive and creative abilities are at a peak with the Solar Eclipse, and you become more compassionate with yourself. Rather than retreating to a private place, the Piscean soul resonates publicly and with an incredibly warm reception. The ‘fish’ of the zodiac swims vibrantly upstream throughout March.

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