Leo, and Leo rising: March 2015 Horoscope

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Leo or Aries

Jupiter continues her Retrograde path through your sign, Leo, inviting a review of the major decisions you’ve made since last August. Jupiter now temporarily teases her way back to the same position she was in August-September 2014. You may be asked to revise your reasoning behind the choices made around that time. Did you move, take a new job, start or end an important relationship? The plan will be reconsidered before Jupiter finally moves full steam ahead next month.

Jupiter’s movement through the sign of Leo opens us up to discovering the unique qualities which make us shine. Aside from personal affirmation, as these golden nuggets are uncovered we are asked to consider how such attributes might be used in contribution to the world around us. Jupiter-in-Leo is a great time for taking risks on things it seems only you could achieve- Jupiter is called the “lucky” planet for a very good reason. As a planet of growth and enlargement, Jupiter increases wherever she casts her light- just make sure it doesn’t become overdone; by increasing self-confidence, don’t exaggerate your importance. This is especially true for those born in first two weeks of August. On March 2nd, Moon links up with Jupiter in the sky and the whole world seems to revolve around you; take heart in your glow and remember to share the spotlight with others.

Venus compliments your stardom during the second half of the month, which may increase sociability from March 17th thereafter. This network boost means entertaining with friends, an opportune time for flirtation and romance, and perhaps, more seriously, a chance to socialize with superiors who are recognizing your fast-track potential. March 27th is the height of your allure as Venus and Jupiter aspect in the sky. The feeling of “Midas touch” may tempt you into overindulging carelessly, and this transit is notorious for impulse spending. Avoid shopping therapy unless you can really afford to do so. If, however, you have been eyeing a significant investment carefully for some time, then this is the moment to make that purchase.

If you are Leo rising, Saturn moves Retrograde in Leo’s natural house on March 14th, so you begin reconsidering the creative responsibilities you’ve been working on. The process of weighing and balancing the value of personal investments begins around projects and potentially romances; this process of adjusting what efforts you place your heart into continues through August of this year when you are finally ready to proceed. The Full Moon in your money house brings added confidence to financial decisions you made in August of last year. Your self-esteem and confidence about the value of your own talents and ability to be rewarded for them is at a peak.

The energies of March are easy for you, Leo, as they focus on self-discovery and celebration- what Leo is best known for. What an affirming period for your sign. See yourself as creative, special and a beacon of inspiration for others- then make sure your choices within the last eight months have positioned you to exemplify your finest qualities possible. Later this year, you will be called to actualize what you value so make sure those things are clear in your head. In the meantime, enjoy some of the pleasure and recognition en route- you’ve earned it!

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