Capricorn March 2015 Horoscope

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For quite some time, Capricorn has been feeling the tension of two extremely influential planets pulling at each other and your personal roots. Uranus- the awakener- and Pluto- the digger- have been tangoing in your psyche towards a transformative coup-de-gras which, on March 16th and 20th, will reach an exciting capitulation. Since 2012, you have been incrementally preparing to unveil a more modern, authentic version of yourself as Pluto and Uranus rip up old roles/beliefs from childhood and replace them with a lifestyle that is better fitted for you as an independent adult. This could feel like a temporary identity crisis; you may experience light depression, anger or general restlessness. You are cracking open to release the real you…but you may feel like you are just “cracking” first! Ultimately, however, it is quite liberating to adjust your personal values and self-esteem around an updated identity. On the 16th, Uranus and Pluto have their final showdown and, on the 20th, a Solar Eclipse blows open the door for new beginnings in your life. This is particularly poignant for those born in early January or have a mid-degree Capricorn rising sign.

The focus for March is around your home. In a literal sense this could mean your family or physical place of residence; in a metaphoric sense this could mean your psychological home, such as memories or subconscious emotional habits, or general sense of being ‘at home’ with yourself. As Uranus and Pluto make their final pass in the sky, Mars and Venus make a visit to your house of roots, so there will never be a dull moment in your abode! This is an excellent time for renovating, decorating, moving or entertaining at your place. If you haven’t reached out to relatives in a while, you can now touch base or make amends. Especially around or after the 20th is an opportune time.

Changes made at home will enhance your career, as the underpinnings of your private life are now well-ordered to make things easier in your professional life. Success is always an important focus for Capricorn who aims to build things of value and rise to the top of their field. March 1st-17th, Venus and Mars are together in aspect to your sign making Capricorn much more visible. Particularly on March 4th or 11th, you could be catapulted into the spotlight (or hot seat!).

While the March 20th Solar Eclipse occurs at the cusp of Aries (it’s actually occurring in the final degree of Pisces), it still holds great meaning for those with cardinal signs like Capricorn, Aries and Libra. If you were born around the 21st of December or have a very early degree Capricorn rising sign, then anticipate a turning point with the Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipses signal important new beginnings, so you finally decide to take on new job, commit yourself to a new partner or relationship approach, or announce plans to run for an office/start a fresh endeavor. After three years of pondering the purpose and direction of your life, you are now ready to forge ahead and, in true cardinal fashion, initiative is your mantra.

March is storyboarded by breakthroughs for Capricorn, and you finally start feeling like yourself again- excited about taking charge of new opportunities and being successful. On March 14th and 15th the Moon is in your sign, Capricorn, so you are feeling extra powerful just before the March 16th release of Uranus-Pluto. What a knockout way to start the springtime.

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