Cancer, and Cancer rising: March 2015 Horoscope

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The Imaginarium - Visuvias

Public power is your mantra this month as Mars and Venus give your image a boost. Mars spends the entire month massaging your career house; expect this to be a busy time around the office filled with a roller coaster of surprises, productive tension and lots of interaction with clients. March 11th should prove to be the most exciting day of the month for you professionally. Especially if you are Cancer rising, look for a surprising turn with clients or the boss. Followed by the March 20th Solar Eclipse on the cusp of your career house, new endeavors are in your hands Cancer!

In the area of romance, March 4th is an excellent time for flirtation or fun as Venus, the social planet, aspects your sun sign. Plan for indulgence around this time, whether that means an evening in bed unaccountable to the outside world or sharing an endless dessert plate with someone you care about. Shortly after, on March 11th, your vitality and focus pick up again so you are then able to make your mark in the outer world.

This power surge is a welcome revitalization from the sustained tension you and your cardinal comrades (Libra, Aries and Capricorn) have been working through since 2012 as a result of two planets, Uranus and Pluto, intermingling in the sky. Over the past three years, a creeping sense of personal insecurity has steadily infiltrated your consciousness forcing a healthy, albeit uncomfortable, examination of individual purpose. Uranus and Pluto intend to unsettle everything they touch in order to corrode the false and expunge the undermining; this is first a purging, then a buzzing about the new and brilliant possibilities underneath. More than scrutinizing recent choices or relationships, this is an evaluation of your life’s direction. Yes, it’s that big. For the cardinal signs, the Uranus-Pluto experience can be one of identity crisis. What is it you are meant to do? Are you really ready to become an adult by letting go of family programming or false facades? Do you have the courage to now do what you are truly best at, even if that means leaving a job or relationship?

For Cancer, much of the Uranus-Pluto experience is about letting go…a hard lesson for the zodiac sign most notorious for hanging on. Long- standing issues around family and gender roles, topics extremely sensitive for clan-oriented Cancer, may come to the forefront during this transit. You’ve had three years to stew on these topics, and the time to take action is apparent. The celestial Crab rarely likes to open up, so the cracking open induced by Uranus-Pluto is a milestone for your sign and you grow as a person because of it. On March 16th, Uranus and Pluto make their final push in the sky; the self-examination you’ve been doing gradually since 2012 now finds an outlet.

If you were born around June 21st, the upcoming March 20th Solar Eclipse will be very impactful. A Solar Eclipse is essentially a magnified New Moon, suggesting there will be a personal revelation followed the opportunity to begin anew. The clean-up from the Uranus-Pluto transit will catapult you into action then.

So many good things to look forward to this month Cancer, the best of them being a sense of relief from the ongoing Uranus-Pluto transit. All your hard emotional work now has a breakthrough and, as the Crab begins to pop its head above water, notions about professional direction start taking form. Having the beginnings of a plan feels good and provides the emotional security for Cancer to step out of its shell in coming months.


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