Aquarius March 2015 Horoscope

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Aquarius- Venus Aquarius

Connecting with others is the focus for March as Mercury- planet of exchange- and Jupiter- planet of increase- dance across your relationship axis. ‘Busy body’ is an appropriate term for Aquarius during the exceptionally fast paced first half of the month. You might be meeting friends at local coffee shop or bar, taking a weekend trip, or sharing endless stories over the phone, via text and on social media. Mars and Venus compliment your communication house, so this is an excellent time to make yourself heard on important matters. You may even have the opportunity to learn a new skill from someone right over your shoulder, such as a neighbor or sibling. If ever you wanted to learn a foreign language (whether that’s computer coding or Spanish), give it a shot now! There’s lots of helpers in your court.

In relationships, this may mean you receive important news from a partner or engage in critical conversations about the direction of your relationship. Around March 1st is a good time to talk it out.

March 1st and 2nd should be a very warm time in your relations with others, so plan important client meetings, a romantic evening or intimate catch-up with a best friend for these days. This pleasant encounter follows up with further commemoration around March 4th when you may receive a thank you note, love letter or endearing trinket.

Watch out for potential transportation hazards or accidents around March 11th when Mars- the physical planet- meets up with Uranus- the planet of surprise- in your house of exchange.

On the 14th, Saturn turns Retrograde in your social house until August where she’ll revise how you identify yourself within groups. Over the next many months, you may weed through some outdated friendships/romances and move on to more fulfilling pairings. Saturn also invites retrospective on how you’ve been representing yourself; the messages one puts out dictates what one receives. If you haven’t been getting the kind of connections and opportunities you want, it may have to do with the way you’ve been posing. This is a good time to delve into your most precious aspirations and seek out hobbies, friends and organizations that will support the development of those dreams. What have you always wanted to do? Connecting more honestly with your desires will better shape how and with whom you relate.

March 16th marks an important event for Uranus, the ruling planet of your sign Aquarius. Since 2012, Uranus has engaged in intense conversation with Pluto and the three year dialogue finally comes to a close. You feel more mentally free and less stressed going forward as, literally, your nervous system (ruled by Uranus) gets calmed. For those with Aquarius rising, anxiety relief and mental clarity capitulate with the March 20th Solar Eclipse. Your head is out of the storm-clouds.

A very energetic start to the springtime for Aquarius who is able to excel intellectually and socially this month. For the brainiac sign, being able to share ideas with a group of people who truly care and are willing to take action is imperative. Part of the Aquarius mission is to uplift a common purpose, and it begins first with clarity of thought in your own head about what the real issues are and what the objectives for progress should be. Your ideas stand out and are different, and you are too!

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