Libra: Taking Care Of Me

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May 2015 Libra horoscope

What happened last month around the April 4th Lunar Eclipse in your sign? Think back on any turning points- literal or emotional- in relationships or circumstances. This month, Venus- the magnetizer planet- draws in resources to create greater security around those situations.

Venus is the planetary ruler of your sign, Libra, so her trek through the sky is always an important one. This month she moves through feeling Cancer, a fellow cardinal sign to yours. In Cancer, Venus is searching for the security of emotional bonds and sentimental places to refuge. How did events around March 16th and April 4th make you feel? Venus now moves in to soothe things.

May brings the desire to do activities or purchase things which make you feel comfortable. Hanging out with a longtime lover or best friend, frequenting your favorite restaurant, or buying that thing which always cheers you up is the right course. You are now interested in tried and true.

Sensitive Moon is in your sign May 1st, 27th, 28th and 29th, so these are the days to be especially nurturing towards yourself. Listening to your feeling nature, and reward her good sense by actually doing what your body and mind advise. This is less about practicality and more about doing it just because. May 14th-15th the Moon is in your partner sign, so make time for loved ones. Libra is the relater of the zodiac, so fulfill that drive by experiencing emotional comfort with those who consistently make you feel safe and appreciated.

Next month, Mars will position in aspect to your sign bringing your away from nurturing shelter and back out into the social scene. You’ll be glad you spent the present time recharging.

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