Libra: Relationship Repair

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Kelley Devine- Libra

Relationships were rocked last month when Uranus began its Retrograde cycle in your partner sign on July 25th. Suddenly romances, close friendships or intimate relationships stalled out or perhaps even went reverse. This was tough for Libra who is the zodiac’s natural relater. Uranus calls for more freedom, so Libra may need to be freed up from certain relationships in order to move on to healthier options. Libra might also be learning how to create more freedom in current life circumstances to become emotionally or materially available for partnership. In any case, July jarred the sense of balance and harmony that the zodiac’s relater prizes so deeply. August lets up on Libra, providing a chance to catch your breath before September launches you into more relationship work.

The Moon dances through Libra from August 17th-19th helping to process July events. This should restore some of the balance which was disturbed. Mercury enters the picture August 28th through month’s end to assist with communicating the emotions you just processed to audiences who need to receive it. Towards the end of the month would be an appropriate time to circle back with parties whom may have caused disturbance in July and share your refreshed perspective with them, or to put your foot down it had not been done previously.

The processing of July events completed this month will be tested in September by a Lunar Eclipse in your partner sign amidst Mercury going Retrograde in Libra. You will start feeling settled again in October, and full balance will be restored by Christmas. Consider now still the working period.

Venus, the planetary ruler of Libra, continues its Retrograde cycle throughout July. Because Venus governs your zodiac sign, it is always imperative to pay attention to planetary activity regarding Venus. When Venus goes Retrograde or temporarily backwards, values come under review. Have you been sufficiently investing in a relationship, and in yourself? What thoughts or activities are valuable enough that they might merit a shift in time, resources or spending? If you have been over-focusing in one area, Venus Retrograde invites a rebalancing. Particularly in the social arena, Libra needs to assess which connections are the most valuable and under what circumstances that relating is most effective. For example, when hoping to meet a marriage-quality partner, try E-Harmony or spending more time with quality friends who could introduce you to someone substantial rather than hanging out at a nightclub. If, for example, you aspire to be taken more seriously at work, opt for industry events or business professional organizations which network above your current role; that way you are seen as being able to successfully hold your own with more senior leaders. The August 14th New Moon allows you to revamp social strategies and stand out amongst peers.

Next year, Libra will have the most incredible opportunity to capitalize on dreams and- most especially- to fall in love. In Fall 2016, Jupiter will enter your sign and open doors which set the stage for the next twelve years of your life. Therefore, the work you do now determines how successfully you are able to reap Jupiter rewards next year. Particularly in the area of relationships, including the one with yourself, the most work has yet to be done in order to prepare for near-future opportunities. Don’t be bashful about the grinding work; like polishing of a precious jewel, you will shine in the end!

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