Leo: Roar!

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Kelley Devine- Leo

The Universe spotlights Leo this month as the lion of the zodiac roars with the most cosmic activity. Love, looks and funds come into focus throughout August as Venus continues its reflective journey in your sign. By September, you will be ready to move ahead in these areas.

Since 2012, Leo has been receiving a push from the planet Saturn to take on responsibilities and merit achievements. Saturn encourages us to ‘get serious’. Jupiter, the gift bringer, then came along in 2014 to help materialize Saturn’s efforts with a fair amount fortuitous luck. Together, Saturn and Jupiter have allowed Leo to take risks with great success. Starting a business or rising in the career, entering a substantial relationship or getting married, buying or selling a home, or having a baby have all been potential milestones for Leo. Especially with Jupiter’s presence since 2014, Leo’s talents and power to accomplish incredible tasks have been on display. Jupiter in your sign is also a famously ideal period for falling in love, so Leo has had the best opportunity to find a mate or renew romance since last year. Jupiter passes through your sign every 12 years, so the life peak Leo has been experiencing since 2014 is a once-in-a-twelve-year privilege! How did you make the most of your Jupiter experience?

This month, Saturn and Jupiter finally move out of your sign bringing the life-increasing phase to a close, and also whereby stabilizing the shifting pieces which have been up in the air during that phase. As of August 2nd and August 11th, respectively, serious Saturn and lucky Jupiter release their influence on Leo. You now move into the organizing period of life where the pieces fall into place.

Meanwhile, Venus- ruler of all that glitters- continues its Retrograde or reverse trek through your sign. Venus Retrograde began July 25th and invites Leo to review its image and investments until September 6th. At its core, Venus is the planet of value; so when it moves backwards we are looking in the rear-view mirror more closely at whom or what we have been attaching so much importance to. Have you been over-identifying with a relationship or catering too much to others? Or, perhaps a more appropriate question- have you been valuing yourself enough? Venus Retrograde might suggest a redirection of emotional or time commitments to create greater balance between yourself and others. Relationships are under review. Tangible commitments also qualify for reconsideration, so take a look at your bank account or long-term financial goals. What goals merit greater investment in some areas or less spending in others? Do you need to make a significant purchase or off-load a belonging in order to meet goals? Money as a means to happiness gets a reality check. While relationships and finance (especially if they are linked) will not reach final resolution until the Venus Retrograde period ends, it is well-advised to evaluate and gather information during August.

Since Venus governs all that glitters, and Leo rules everything grand and glam, appearance is important in August. Venus Retrograde would be an excellent time to consider updating your look. Go through the closet and get rid of outdated items. In fact, it would serve Leo’s big heart well to donate those items to charity. Then think about what needs to be added into the wardrobe to accurately reflect the way you wish to be perceived by others at this stage in life. Going for a big promotion or running your own business? Choose sophisticated looks that air reliability and success. People need to believe in and trust you. Hoping to woo a future spouse? Pick pieces that accentuate your most attractive features and colors which often solicit compliments from others. Confidence is the sexiest thing anyone can wear. Venus Retrograde is the brainstorming phase- do not yet commit to a profound image alteration. Use this time to learn more about the look you are hoping to achieve; wait to make those investments until September. Spend August scouring through magazines, taking a class about makeup or style, or looking online for inspiration. Since Leo’s crown jewel is their mane, your ‘do might also be due an update.

August 4th-5th, Venus Retrograde conjoins big-time Jupiter in the sky sparking a new outlook on love, money or looks. This would be a great time to take initiative in any of those areas. Venus Retrograde then marries a New Moon in your sign, Leo, on August 14th– life takes on epic proportions. Cosmic power sways in Leo’s favor, so make big plans around the 14th as this will be the most exciting time of the month for the monarch of the zodiac. If Leo’s mantra for this month could be summed up in one word, singer Katy Perry would have sung it best- “Roar”!

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