Leo: Lovescope 2017

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Kelley Devine- Leo

Showmanship is Leo’s calling card in love, and lucky are those who become the object of the lion’s attention. Renown for theatrics and generosity, Leo seeks someone special to shower with affection and gifts, but also demands appreciation in return. The secret to snagging a Leo lover lies in inspiring their emotions by noticing them; be the mirror which reflects their unique qualities and praises their every act of kindness. This year, Leo is busy with business negotiations and contracts linked to advancing your financial position. In some cases, this may be connected to a family matter, family business, or real estate. Either way, Leo may discover the benefit of leaning on a partner during the process.

If your Venus is in Leo, this year’s two eclipses will notably stimulate the desire to be in a loving, reciprocal pairing. How inspiring is your partnership? Venus describes what we value and how we attach, so when in the sign of Leo elements of passion, honor and creativity are elevated.

The springtime Lunar Eclipse in your zodiac sign on February 10th initiates a focus on the personal priorities which capitulate by summer. Especially for Leo rising and Leo Venus, the springtime eclipse may suggest a renewed interest in partnership. What goals, particularly those related to money or which may require a significant financial investment, are you trying to achieve this year? If you are single, could having the help of a partner be beneficial? If you are in a relationship, have you made it clear to the other person that you would like and value their input? Get clear on your goals, then consider how teamwork could advance your position.

By August and September, the fulfillment of your goals is beginning to crystallize and the assessment of how effectively a partnership’s contribution has been becomes apparent. If you are still single, these two summer months provide the best chance you’ll have all year for meeting someone, so get dressed and go mingle.

Pocketbook prowess is important during the August 12th-September 5th Mercury Retrograde cycle. Aside from getting your own personal finances organized, this would be an excellent time to speak with a partner about money matters if you haven’t already. August 29th-September 5th will be particularly intense for talks with a loved one, either about money or about the status of the relationship itself. If you have recently begun dating someone new, it is possible you are already having second thoughts about pursuing the union. If you meet someone during the Mercury Retrograde cycle, wait until after September 19th to determine how you feel because you may not have all the information about this person necessary at the present time. Thoughtfulness in romance during the Mercury Retrograde cycle is especially relevant for Leo rising and Leo Venus.

The August 21st Solar Eclipse could herald the crescendo of events which launched in February. This is an excellent time for Leo to wrap up outstanding business. If love has yet to knock this year, the eclipse could signal that romance is soon at your doorstep. An admirer could present themselves August 26th-September 19th when Venus emerges in the lion’s sign. For those in a relationship, this is a fine time for leaning on your loved one.

During the cooler months and into next year, Leo transitions its focus from negotiating financial contracts to expanding its kingdom. There may soon be an addition to the family, a move or an improvement to the proverbial lion’s den. For Leo, choose someone who inspires the romantic within and is as committed to creating a lion’s pride as you are.

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