Leo: Living In Love

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Who and what are you in love with right now? Live in passion this month and trust that whatever makes your soul sing is the right path to follow. An outpouring of love colors the beginning of summer as Venus meets up with Jupiter in your sign. Feeling, beauty and money- natural Leo affinities- peak this month so open your heart to personal inspiration as well as to others.

Beginning June 6th, Venus- the harbinger of creativity, romance and good taste- lights up your very core identity. From a spiritual perspective, what would be the highest form of personal creative expression you could pursue right now? Speaking about a cause close to your heart, making jewelry that enriches others’ confidence, delivering a masterful dissertation to address a social problem, cooking a meal for loved ones as a means to deepen family bonds? Creativity comes in many forms, whether traditional art or the making and nurturing of something else that is completely your own. Perhaps you yearn to have a child? Remember that creating life is ultimately the most creative thing humans can do. Now is the time to materialize what you feel in your soul. June 19th-20th may be particularly evocative of your inner world.

If you are romantically involved, this would be an ideal time to take the commitment to the next level or create special occasions for you and a lover to indulge in sensory pleasure. A decadent dinner, sparkling gift, night out at the theater- whatever the treat, the bigger the better. Don’t hold back in June, Venus favors your flair. If you are currently unattached, this is the perfect time for socializing as you are likely to attract numerous admirers. Certainly if you have been waiting to express the depth of your feelings to a potential lover, this is the moment you can almost bet it will be enthusiastically received. June 6th-7th or 19th-20th are the best times for planning to thrill another; expect to be dazzled in return.

Financially this could be an exuberant month, especially around June 30th as value-driven Venus gets doubled up by ever-increasing Jupiter. The only pitfall to this planetary activity is that conversely it can incite the temptation to overspend. So long as you are choosing items which are within budget, move forward on wise investments. If you are anticipating to receive money, such as a bonus or inheritance, it is likely to hit your bank account this month. At the very least, you should get a clear signal regarding how much and when that additional cash should be received. Venus transits are ideal for beautification treatments. If you have you been waiting to spend money on a new hairstyle, upgrade your wardrobe or get plastic surgery then do it now.

In June, there are two questions to ask: What do you want, and what does your deep self truly crave? What you should pursue this month is the answer to question number two. The Law Of Attraction is alive and well, so make sure you are magnetizing rightfully aligned tangible and emotional resources. Remove any veils of propriety or inhibition about being who you really are- what is meant to be will surely come your way. And whatever misses the mark did not belong in your life force. Express yourself with great meaning, and recognize opportunities to both give and receive. The world is waiting for you to shine.

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