Leo: Law Of Attraction

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Kelley Devine- Leo

Images are of paintings by Houston artist, Kelley Devine.

Attention-seeking Leo starts this month with a huge moment in the spotlight on July 1st as beautiful Venus and big-time Jupiter unite in the sky under the recognition of a Full Moon. If there are romantic currents in your life, this should be an ideal time to consummate a burgeoning love, share a memorable night with an existing partner, or certainly to meet a potential flame if you are in the dating market. If career, finance or investment is more your focus, then anticipate opportunities to cash in on tangible rewards or, at the very least, to receive a sense of direction on when, how and how much that tangible reward will materialize.

Mid-month, however, those same romantic or material scenarios will take a more serious outlook when Saturn makes a tension aspect with Venus on July 14th. Saturn will evaluate whether romantic and tangible attachments are appropriately directed. A love relationship may suddenly undergo a small test; are you two ready to go ‘public’ yet, how does the partner respond when practical crisis arises (ex: flat tire, getting sick), does time spent looking for romance pay off in comparison to other life pursuits? Saturn may bring a reality check to infatuated Venus. In money matters, careful direction of finances is imperative. Saturn asks Venus what is really worth investing in; Saturn is always about R.O.I. and seeks to get the biggest bang for the buck. Any spending will have a focus on utility, rather than solely enjoyment as it perhaps did earlier in the month around July 1st when Venus conjoined Jupiter.

Venus spends July 1st-18th in your sign, Leo, and later Mercury picks up where Venus left off from July 24th-31st. The entire month is colored with flair, passion and love. The urge to self-project is strong, so find ways to show off and follow creative urges. Sometimes we intentionally turn down the volume on our desire nature because we fear that following those desires may require too great a change to our current status quo, will not be popularly accepted by society, or that by following our heart we might let down others. However, this is avoidant behavior disguised as politeness. Do not avoid following true desires; it is better to disturb things than to live in a suspended form of animation.

If you do not yet have the courage to move forward on desires, the universe gives you a fortuitous breathing period when Venus begins its Retrograde cycle on July 25th. Venus Retrograde invites contemplation and, perhaps, reconsideration of desires. During this period, however, you will not likely shore up final decisions about romance or money; this is about thinking it through, not deciding. Later in September things will finally take action. Venus Retrograde in the heartfelt sign of Leo is well known for the reemergence of former love interests, so should that opportunity arise just make sure you carefully discern if this is truly a second chance or meant to be a lesson observed. Expect things to get interesting around the July 31st Full Moon.

For those with a Leo rising sign, relationships get examined from all sides this month. Romantic Venus and lucky Jupiter hook up along the relationship axis on July 1st, meanwhile Mars spends the entire month in the backdrop of your horoscope. What’s going on behind the scenes? A hidden admirer, a secret love affair, or perhaps building frustrations? Things are certainly cooking in your love life. When Venus squares Saturn on July 14th, romantic tension may reach a breaking point. If financial moves are linked to love decisions, then this may signal a turning point. Venus moves Retrograde as of July 25th, so expect romance to get a little weird. You or a lover may suddenly retreat from the partnership, unexpected tests may arise, or a previous lover may pop up whereby challenging your level of commitment. Events around the July 31st Full Moon in your partnership house should be very revealing. The romantic scenario won’t get fully reorganized until September, so flow through upcoming experiences with as much grace as possible and keep your eyes open for red flags and hidden opportunities. For Leo rising, committing to a love decision is not advised at this time. Since Venus is also the ruler of beauty, and Leo is famed for its own beauty as well as love of beautiful things, avoid upgrading your look until after September.

The power of attraction reigns supreme this month as Venus and Jupiter open the doors for material and emotional gain. However, you may not be able to jump on those desires as quickly as hoped. July is the tasting phase, so wait and see. The Moon is in your sign, Leo, from July 16th-17th so use that time to garner your intentions. Personal power peaks, so be sure you know what you want.

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