Leo horoscope- April 2015: Give and Recieve

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No one is more privileged than Leo this month as Jupiter, planet of increase, resumes her forward motion in your sign. The so-called “lucky” planet has been in your sign since July of last year, but temporarily went Retrograde back in December. This means that positive, evolutionary plans you initiated in July 2014 to expand your personal horizons may have suddenly stalled since the holiday season. However, as of April 8th, Jupiter gets back on the forward track and so do you.

Jupiter transits are an invitation to grow, to dream, to envision, to imagine what could be. Transiting Jupiter invites you to build upon the rich seeds that already exist and have been waiting for harvest. Passing through the sign of Leo, Jupiter expands your sense of personal creativity and invites you to find mediums for purposeful expression. Jupiter-in-Leo is about (re)discovering the intrinsic qualities, values and attitudes that are identifiably individual and then allowing tangible expressions of those energies. As Jupiter moves ahead this month, you are more able to walk in the authenticity of your own light.

Unlike other planetary transits which frequently force adjustments in exterior circumstances, Jupiter transits usher situational opportunities brought to you. Circumstances may just suddenly unfold in which you are given the chance to shine or better your life in some regard. Sound easy? There’s a lesson yet to be learned about Jupiter: Fortuitous circumstances may seem arise out of thin air, but your active choice to capitalize on the elements at hand ultimately determines the “luck” of your Jupiter experience.

The March 20th Solar Eclipse opened the door on an activity sequence which continued through the April 4th Lunar Eclipse. This sudden unfolding of circumstances continues on April 8th when Jupiter moves ahead. Through this series of three events there are clear signs about where your plan is going. April 1st-11th Venus, the universal magnet, launches your path forward in a particularly comfortable fashion; this may mean added financial or material/luxury security. Mars, planet of action, works in your favor all month as she pushes on your sign and inspires the decisive capturing of opportune moments. It is not yet time to rest on your laurels. On the 17th-18th, Mars and a New Moon make you especially action-oriented. On the 21st Mercury- the messenger planet- joins the conversation and you are talking about recent decisions and strategizing about what to do next. April 25th-26th are power days as the Moon is in your sign. Focus on ‘conscious capitalism’ of Jupiter experiences at that time.

For those with Leo rising, especially a mid-degree rising sign (around 15 degrees), this is your most important month all year. Jupiter crossing your horizon line always means memorable life changes. Do you take a new job or relocate for an exclusive opportunity? Will you marry? Have a baby? Do you take a long-awaited vacation or spiritual pilgrimage? Will you purchase a home or invest in advanced education? These are all ways that Jupiter may expand your personal horizons. Transformations in career and public image are especially the highlight for those with Leo rising.

For everyone with Leonine energies, April is a wonderfully memorable time because your inner qualities now find outward mediums of expression and affirmation from others. Jupiter transits are celebrated as fortuitous events, so the Leo horoscope for April is all about letting good things come your way. Keep in mind the lessons of Jupiter: openness to the good, keen awareness of cosmic opportunities, and the conscious decision to become a more whole person by materializing your sacred light.


*If you do not know your Rising sign, we can easily determine it using your birth date, birth location and birth time. Determining your Rising sign will tell you what horoscope sign to also read for in addition to your regular sun sign, whereby providing more specific times/dates when activities occur your life. For your chart, connect with me at maurielle@signpaths.com.

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