Leo: Dreams Take Work

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May 2015 Leo horoscope

This is the month to get moving on your dreams, Leo. Back on April 8th, Jupiter- planet of increase- gathered speed in aspect to your sign meaning that hopes which began in summer 2014 but stalled around the holiday season are now back in gear. And this time it’s for the long haul. Use the benevolent energies of May to continue carrying your creative passions into fulfillment.

What or who do you love? May brings awareness about how well your plans are matching up with passions. Since summer of last year you have been connecting with ideas, activities and people that truly make the heart sing. Now you enter the stage of bringing those aspirations to capitulation. Mars- the energizer planet- helps take charge of turning dreams into reality from May 1st-11th, along with the powerful May 3rd Full Moon energy supporting clear resolution of desires.

Whenever Mars moves in aspect to your sign, this increases your activity level. Expect to be busy, not fantasizing! Mars is the cosmic ‘doer’, so her presence means that things are pushing ahead. For this reason, it’s always useful to use the preceeding transits of the other larger planets (like your recent Jupiter transit) as planning time. That way, you feel confident about striking while the iron is hot when Mars comes along. You’ll get an even bigger boost of activity coming up in August when Mars is actually in your sign.

During the second half of the month, a May 18th New Moon ushers fresh understanding of the psychological roots for your passion and plans. You receive a small but important insight about the motivations driving you current interests, and how your outward decisions therefore relate to spiritual direction. This enhances your assurance that you are making all the right moves.

Expressive Moon is in your sign May 22nd-24th, so these are excellent days for doing anything which requires you to be in the spotlight. Use your knowledge and confidence which have been building throughout the month to impress others.

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