Leo: Domestic Kingdom

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Leo’s domestic kingdom receives an upgrade as Mercury and a New Moon energize your house of roots. Anticipate lots of conversation with family members, and perhaps even travel related to family. If your physical home is the topic of conversation, then this month may begin talks of real estate transactions or upgrades to your abode. In most cases, November’s domestic activity will have strong financial implications for Leo.

In the big picture, two planets- Jupiter and Neptune- are shaping Leo’s financial future. Jupiter, the enhancer planet, grows Leo’s personal resources August 2015-September 2016 and meanwhile Neptune, the planet of charity and sacrifice, illuminates Leo’s power through shared resources with others. This month, Neptune takes an important step forward in your intimate dealings with others which will capitulate in December through early January.

November 2nd-20th, Mercury- the strategist- makes its way through the very base of your horoscope inspecting what grounds Leo’s foundations. From a literal perspective, a house is the most common grounding here on material earth and therefore Leo might begin contemplating home repairs, interior decorating additions, a possible move or even significant real estate transaction. In a symbolic light, our family is the most common grounding force and so Leo may also be planning a family gathering, visiting relatives or possibly engage in contractual negotiations with loved ones. All domestic activity reaches a high point during the November 11th New Moon.

Linking Leo’s personal values and valuables to the influence of others, Neptune creates breathing room in entanglements as of November 18th when it finally releases its stronghold on your intimacy house. Think back to March and June time frames- what was happening then as it pertains to shared resources such as money, time, emotional availability or property? This month, power-jockeying between yourself and others (including institutions-at-large such as the government) gain momentum towards resolution. The full resolution evolves throughout December and into the early New Year.

Leo remains in a strong position to harvest material rewards and, very soon, will likely re-invest those rewards in creative/entrepreneurial projects or their children. As the regent lion of the zodiac, Leo is always prideful of its pride.

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