Leo: Defining Value

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Since July 25th, Leo has felt like a piece of life was temporarily on hold or perhaps even out of reach. This was especially true in matters of money or love. The culprit is Venus, ruler of the wallet and heart, enduring its Retrograde cycle. On September 1st, Venus Retrograde links up with Mars in your sign, adding a needed boost to your confidence about the future of these matters as well as uplifting your own sense of personal worth. Matters of worth, literal and personal, get back on track September 6th when Venus reassumes its normal trek through the cosmos.

Mars in your sign makes an aspect to Uranus in the sky on September 8th; if you have been wanting to take a weekend escape, try out a sporting or cultural event, or take a new class this would be an ideal time to get you out of the rut from the previous month. Anything which pushes personal comfort zones would be good. This theme is repeated on September 22nd so plan accordingly.

If you are engaged in legal matters or contract negotiations, you might possibly receive news at this time. Should those matter be ongoing, a turning point is likely on the horizon with the September 27th Lunar Eclipse; you will get a clear perspective on all the variables at hand and how long it will take to resolve the situation. Most likely resolution will be made by Christmas. If these legal/contractual negotiations have a significant financial implication, it will probably turn out in your favor.

Overall, Leo’s finances appear to be in good stead through September 2016. Leo’s creative surge from July 2014-August 2015 now enters the functional stage of putting all the practical pieces together. Take your entrepreneurial efforts seriously; get your creative brainchild to work efficiently and systematically on a daily basis. This sustainability is what will result in Leo’s profitability. Focus on details, good habits and quality work in your product/service- it will pay off, literally!

The Moon is in your sign, Leo, from September 8th-10th so really focus on yourself then. Take stock of what’s important now, honing in on what are the most important financial or relationship goals; this is the time to observe lessons learned from the Venus Retrograde cycle and to move on with a clear head. Value yourself.

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