Leo: 2016 Forecast

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Kelley Devine- Leo

As Leo continues honing its creative projects or entrepreneurial businesses in 2016, money begins pouring in and soon publicity does too. From Summer 2014 -Summer 2015, Leo and Leo rising experienced a big cosmic push towards success, love and notoriety. This year, ride the wave of opportunity and put in effort required to turn those lucky chances into sustainable realities. You got a big break, now how will you follow through?

The New Year begins with a January 23rd Full Moon in your zodiac sign, bringing the power of manifestation into perspective. What focus did you have in life around August 14th 2015? That was when you began a new theme, and now are able to see how much progress has been made in that area. Leo spends January through August building on opportunities which began in the past year, experiencing small capitulations or endings in closing out those old chapters.

Overall, Leo and Leo rising reaps rewards from projects or investments in the first half of 2016 which began last summer. In fact, Leo has the best opportunity to be in a strong financial position this year- both through means of its own efforts, as well as potential material benefit from other people or external entities.

Jupiter helps enhance the financial house from January through September, with January 7th-May 10th being optimal for calling in outstanding debts, cashing in on existing deals or carefully re-thinking long term money goals. Later in the fall and winter months, you are able to strike fresh deals or make new investments and will be glad you had been saving some extra cash for these bigger plays.

The living situation comes under fire May 27th-June 30th as Mars, the warrior planet, runs Retrograde through the domestic house. This can feel like a turbulent time as you go through the “working it out” process with roommates, relatives or property issues. After a bit of jostling, Mars returns to its natural path June 30th– August 2nd and clears the way to get what you want. Ultimately, Leo does not want to be too distracted by familial or real estate dramas- you’ve got bigger goals to chase.

A well-timed August 2nd New Moon cleans the slate for Leo and offers a chance to set new intentions which will carry your focus through February 2017. In what areas do you wish to achieve more?

August continues being a hot month for Leo and Leo rising when the outcome of ongoing, developing events in close relationships reaches capitulation around the August 18th Lunar Eclipse in the partnership house. This could pertain to love relationships or those in which you have intimate business dealings. What’s been recently evolving in this department over the past few months? In the big picture, you may even wish to rack your brain all the way back to August 2009 (far stretch!). This was the last time you experienced a Lunar Eclipse in this exact position, and it could be possible for similar themes to repeat now.

Fall brings a new focus for Leo as Jupiter, the enhancement planet, moves into a new position in the horoscope. Leo could be doing big business in the second half of the year by successfully taking on commercial deals and legal contracts. It is extremely possible that travel or media play a significant role. Or, Leo may find- as the expression goes- ‘word travels fast’ about the success of your projects and a subsequent publicity buzz enhances your reputation. In family matters, the latter portion of 2016 should be an advantageous time in sibling relationships. See how loved ones might contribute to your growing success. After all, that’s what the regent sign of the zodiac is known best for: Love.

Art by Kelley Devine.

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