Gemini: Shifting Assets

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Kelley Devine- Gemini

Images are of paintings by Houston artist, Kelley Devine.

Gemini finally feels normal again this month as Mercury Retrograde recovery completes. Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini, spends July 1st-8th cruising through the tail end of your sign keeping personal interests moving full steam ahead. During May and June, you did a lot of self-work which may have influenced revisions in individual goals as well as relationships; July propels you into the phase of manifesting those enlightened perspectives, some of which may have financial repercussions.

Mars, the energizer planet, spends the entire month stirring up money matters. Keeping in mind lessons learned from the recent Mercury Retrograde, what spending shifts need to occur? You may need to make some personal investments, or perhaps find creative ways to earn extra cash while awaiting the next big move. For those in relationships, Mercury Retrograde should have revealed a lot about the direction of the romance. Now it will be clear whether you should plan to spend together…or separately… in the near future. July 9th-24th will be the busiest time regarding finance as Mercury, the zodiac’s thinker, helps strategize around material assets. Within that time period, the July 15th New Moon should offer either key insight into money strategy or perhaps even an encouraging material reward.

Love and money continue making waves July 19th-31st as Venus momentarily makes an aspect to your sign before stepping away during its Retrograde course through September. When Venus briefly positions in favor of your sign, relationship decisions may feel imminent. What big leap is being proposed? Becoming “official”, moving in together, organizing a joint vacation, or some other type of momentum may be building in the romance. Since Venus also governs money, this may mean you two are considering joint decisions which have financial ties. However, as of July 25th, these choices may suddenly stall out or go astray as Venus begins its Retrograde period. By the beginning of August, Venus is already moving out of position with your sign and you will have to wait until September to see the final outcome of love and money matters.

July 11th-13th the Moon is in your sign, Gemini, so use these days of personal power to hone in on how you want your life to be at this moment. Let intuition rule over intellect during this time, and accept that relationships and material assets may need readjusting in light of you discover. However, these readjustments will not be hardships since they call from the soul.

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