Gemini: Roadwork Ahead

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Mercury, the planetary ruler of your sign Gemini, begins its Retrograde cycle this month forcing us to rethink how we get ourselves and our point across. Affecting both travel and communication from September 17th-October 10th, Mercury Retrograde will challenge our personal mission for the better.

In Greek mythology, Mercury helped the living and dead traverse the River Stix- the symbolic border between conscious and unconscious. In this way, we are called to make conscious some of our unconscious thoughts or behaviors. Circumstances may arise which force issues into the light. Though it may seem confusing or inconvenient at the time, this exercise ultimately helps us bridge the gap between intention and manifestation as we recognize dual parts of ourselves in order to see the whole more clearly. In the end, we get a better grip on what we are really doing.

Romantic relationships may undergo special review with Mercury Retrograde. A love affair may suddenly begin or end; recognize in either scenario that outcomes with a partner are actually a reflection of you. Love will become even more important when Mercury finally moves ahead on October 10th. Personal projects such as sports, performance or entrepreneurial endeavors may also be reconsidered during the Mercury Retrograde period. How can you best express yourself? Whether through art, athletics, a startup business or some other medium try to think innovatively now.

On September 13th home, family or a sense of feeling safe becomes highlighted by the Solar Eclipse. What people or circumstances make you feel secure? The eclipse may expunge any elements which have been detrimental to your grounding. In the same sense, the Universe may present you with a fortuitous circumstance or opportunity to meet someone which helps advance your position in life. Notice that on the whole Gemini is being led towards taking on more responsibilities and doing so with the support of healthy individuals.

The big picture for Gemini launches September 18th when Saturn- the cosmic judge- enters your partner sign of Sagittarius from now until December 2017. Over the next two years, Gemini will make clearly defined choices around partnerships, assets and career ambitions. Saturn is a black-and-white planet…there will be no shades of gray in how you feel. For example, you’re either getting married or breaking up; quitting your job to start your own business or sticking it out in the current company by going for a huge promotion; etc. Opportunities for honors, awards and achievements will be prevalent over the next two years if you have a clear plan and trust in your own good judgement when it comes to taking action.

The Moon is in your sign Gemini on September 4th-5th so use that time to get square in your head about what are the most important near-term goals and who you want to share that achievement journey with. Should any relationships or commitments end this month, do not hold on to them- certain obstructions are meant to dissipate so that the road ahead can be smooth.

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