Gemini: Lovescope 2017

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Kelley Devine- Gemini

Gemini thrives on variety, so if you want to be Gemini’s one-and-only then prepare to change things up often. Gemini loves to be fascinated, and keeping curiosity piqued requires either a highly interesting partner or a very self-entertaining Gemini. For Gemini, romantic death is boredom of the same thing/partner over and over again…the dualistic sign likes having options. This year, Saturn- planet of maturity- completes its passage through the partnership house suggesting Gemini and Gemini rising must make very adult decisions in love. Some may elevate a commitment by moving in together, getting engaged or married; others may sever a commitment which has lost interest via a break-up or divorce. However Gemini chooses, the decision will be calibrated on how multi-faceted the pairing is. The question stands: Can my partner satisfy and withstand all, or at least most, parts of my complex nature?

April launches a relationship review cycle when Saturn, the decision-maker, goes Retrograde until August. What was happening in the love life from December 2016- March 2017? Those flames or scenarios are what receive the second look. The May 25th New Moon could prove to be an important milestone during the review process.

Venus brings her own fireworks to Independence Day celebrations when she launches into your sign July 4th– 31st. For the single Gemini, this could suggest a budding union- especially if you have Gemini rising or Gemini Venus.

In August, Gemini shifts its attention to home matters and, in some cases, it is possible that decisions in romance and a living situation are linked. Gemini might be moving, redecorating, or redefining domestic responsibilities amongst family members or housemates. Another factor in Gemini’s love and living arrangement may be children or hobbies. Jupiter- planet of growth, movement and change- illuminates your creativity house from Summer 2016- Summer 2017 during which time you may seek entertaining passtimes, the promise of a hobby that could turn into a job or steady income source, or even desire to create a little life of your own. Moving in with a partner, buying a bigger pad, or rearranging an existing space may be a practical way to help make these dreams come true.

If your Venus is in Gemini, then beginnings and endings of serious relationships may characterize your love resume from December 2014-December 2017 as Saturn opposes your zodiac sign. Gemini Venus is the infamous bachelorette or tease, so committing to an exclusive lover is a big deal. Venus describes what keeps us bonded, and in the sign of Gemini it’s the ability to keep curiosity consistently sparked. Gemini Venus is reminiscent of the famous storybook character Pandora whose innocent curiosity led her to irrevocably open the infamous box of endless options. Who knows what Gemini Venus will get into next.

For everyone with Gemini influence, this may be a make-or-break year in romance. Summer will heat things up in love and December will solidify the outcomes. Choose a partner or relationship style that scintillates your dynamism.

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