Gemini horoscope- April 2015: Triangles

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The Gemini horoscope for April is designated by the sign’s signature charm as Venus, the pleasure planet, dazzles in dynamic Gemini from April 11th into next month. The need for multifaceted stimulus is prevalent, so expect fascinating triangles in many areas of life.

Venus, the magnetizer, takes on the character of the zodiac’s twins meaning that you now seek more than one perspective or activity. On the professional front, this could mean you request multiple sources of information before reaching a final outcome; while taking a poll before making decisions can be wise, caution not to become bogged down in overwhelming details or become so inundated with various opinions that you cannot remember your own. In the romantic arena, it is common to have multiple love interests at this time because you genuinely excited by each person’s individual energy; entertaining romantic fascinations is a wonderful exercise in self-exploration, but keep in mind that the other parties may not find your juggling as entertaining as you do. With others’ feelings on the line, be sure you know where to draw the limit.

In health matters, April is prime time for exchanges, so mental, verbal and physical agility should be functioning well. If you work in the media or healing professions, then this is an excellent time for sharp, clear thinking and a seamless ability to communicate with your audience or client. Any work with fingers is especially vibrant.

April 8th-9th the Moon is in your partner sign and later, on the 14th, Moon and Venus make a dreamy aspect in the sky conducive for an excellent evening of fantasy, dream-sharing, or romance. On the infamous Tax Day in America, April 15th, Venus moves into opposition with Saturn waking us up to a stern reality from our recent days of more pleasurable experiences. Venus-Saturn is a particularly strict aspect for Tax Day where lessons about responsible allocation of resources hit us face forward; it would be well-advised to submit your taxes in advance of the 15th to pre-empt any potential hang-ups and avoid the restrictive energy of that day.

Recovering from Tax Day, Venus makes an aspect with Neptune on the 19th we have the opportunity to treat ourselves to a little enjoyment, romance or beautification as a reward for being so responsible with our finances earlier in the month. April 20th-22nd the Moon is in your sign, Gemini, making these power days; the Moon and Venus will link up on the 21st making it an especially highlight day.

For those with Gemini rising, Jupiter reassumes her forward motion in Gemini’s natural house on April 8th. Now through the summer you are learning and communicating about ideas/feelings/discoveries that have been in limbo since December 2014. On the 22nd, Venus and the Moon in your sign make an especially warm aspect to the benefic planet opening a door of opportunity. Most of April is highlighted by progress in the area of hopes and dreams, and the encouragement from a robust social network. Relationships are up for review to determine if they will help you get where you want to go in life, and the April 4th Lunar Eclipse in your house of celebration may suggest a turning point in your love life or within your social network. Who you spend time with and under what conditions now becomes more important. You quiet down in the second half of the month as three planets move into your hidden house; retreat and reflection help you assimilate the activity from the first weeks of April, and you begin doing work behind the scenes to turn those new ideas and connections into tangible rewards which will be harvested by early summer.

Gemini enjoys April in glittering fashion, with opportunities to see, do, discover and enjoy. Be judicious around Tax Day and remember not to get overwhelmed by your juggling act throughout the month, but otherwise plan for an engaging step forward this spring. By May, things become more serious.


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