Gemini: Dream-Catching

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Kelley Devine- Gemini

What plans began formulating around Christmas 2014, but then slowed down this March? As of August 2nd, those plans get revived when Saturn completes its Retrograde or backwards cycle, and prepares to make an equilibrium aspect to your sign through 2017. As Saturn sits in counterbalance to your sign for the next two years, opportunities for major commitments will arise along with their corresponding responsibilities. Especially in relationships, Gemini works towards shoring things up. Start thinking now about what major life milestones you would like to reach, and realize that the window for achieving those things has opened.

Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini, enters the fellow mutable sign of Virgo on August 8th-27th. Mercury is the thinker, the information gatherer, the communicator; Mercury now helps you think through next steps of the overall greater life arrangement you have been working on. Talking ideas through with others may be the best way to perfect plans. On August 11th, Jupiter also enters the sign of Virgo where it will remain through fall of next year. This is a significant planetary movement. Jupiter, the lucky planet, makes an aspect to your sign within the same timeframe as serious Saturn making a long-term aspect to your sign…you bet Gemini is planning big things! Marriage, a baby, starting a business or taking on a prominent job, leaving daily life to take the trip of lifetime, buying a home or moving could all be on the agenda within the next two years- particularly before fall 2016. This August, the clock starts ticking.

For some, the balance between home and career may come into focus as Jupiter moves into position with your sign. Gemini could start thinking about moving, buying a home or starting a family; this might require a better income to fund those plans, or perhaps a withdrawal from the working world in order to become the leader of the household. Gemini could also recognize major career opportunities ahead that would require relocating. Should any of these circumstances arise over the next two years, jump on it. While Saturn and Jupiter open the door for possibility as of this August, the actual follow-through will likely not yet occur. However, Mercury steps in this month to help you start organizing all the exciting options.

The Moon is in your sign, Gemini, from August 8th-9th so this is the monthly time when all the energy of the Universe is most closely aligned with your sign’s natural energetic vibration. Let your curious nature rule and guide you in exploring future dreams. What could life look like over the next two years? Listen to your heart, then figure out how to rearrange the practical pieces later. Intellectual Mercury hits a counterbalance point with psychic Neptune on August 12th, so a particularly ingenious idea may emerge.

Psychic Neptune receives another lift on August 29th when it is conjoined by a Full Moon. Contemplate your bigger purpose in life, what inspires you- doing more of that is what must be incorporated into near future plans. Often we downplay our passions or shortchange our interests with defeatist thinking such as: “I’m not really that good at it; It isn’t such a big deal; I can’t make more time in my day to that consistently; I can’t do that for a living; I have a good situation, why give it up.” These false deflations are what keep us in a painful form of suspended animation. With Jupiter and Saturn now positioning with your sign, you do indeed have the real chance to live large- so know what is worth taking a risk for! Use the Full Moon energy to hone in on your biggest dreams.

On the whole, Gemini is moving towards significant commitments over the next two years. Shifts which initiated last Christmas finally get some new juice in August, sending Gemini well on its way into the excitement of dream-catching.


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