Gemini: 2016 Forecast

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Kelley Devine- Gemini

2016 heats up romance, and potentially brings children, for Gemini and Gemini rising. The spring is marked by reworking love relationships so the choice of partner is best-aligned for mature commitment. By September, shifts in the family or domestic residence- which result from changes with children or creative entrepreneurial projects- are in full swing. The beginning and ending months of the year are capstoned by renegotiations, or possibly total withdraws, in shared financial or property assets within family businesses, business partnerships or third party institutions (such as government etc). In fact, Gemini might be making critical changes in their career to accommodate the shifting family and love situation. How will Gemini readjust? Surely the most malleable sign of the zodiac will have no problem flexing to attain what it wants in the long run.

The New Year begins with a Mercury Retrograde cycle in the house of shared valuables, bringing intimate relationships that involve joint material assets or mutual responsibility under scrutiny. You and a romantic or business partner, or even external organization, may be renegotiating the terms of agreement regarding money, personal expectations or liability from January 5-25th. If for some reason the court or legal contracts are at stake, it may be August before the situation is entirely resolved.

March initiates Gemini’s focus on love (topic of the year!), as Mars- planet of energy, action and passion- debuts in the relationship house. Re-thinking a match or the nature of that match is imperative from March 25th-August 13th as Saturn, the commitment planet, turns Retrograde or reverse. For six months, Gemini and Gemini rising will adjust its romantic approach in favor of partners and structures that withstand the test of time, support career success and make way for a cozy home environment. Amid this window, pivotal relationship exercises get underway April 17th-May 28th and again August 2nd-September 26th as Mars runs through your partner sign. Gemini may begin a new romance or launch a new romantic approach in June as Venus, the love planet, passes by. Plan important encounters around the June 5th New Moon.

In matters of home, family and real estate, Gemini may downsize its lifestyle, reorganize its nest or work through family dramas from January 7th-May 10th when Jupiter goes Retrograde. For some, you may withdraw from a family or real estate commitment made in Summer 2015. Gemini is ready to move forward in domestic matters by September when Mercury Retrograde and a Solar Eclipse pave the way. What was happening around September 13th 2015? Similar themes may become relevant again now. September through year’s end, Gemini may possibly be welcoming children into its domestic kingdom. Or, if a business is your baby, Gemini could launch powerful new creative efforts with great luck.

Sacrifices on the job may be required to support growing domestic and romantic pursuits, so Gemini may take a step back from busy professional initiatives June 14th-November 20th when Neptune steps back in the sky. In fact, you may have already begun tacit adjustments in your demanding schedule by March. This shift if the personal/professional balance will be crystallized by September.

The year closes in December, as it began in January, with a Mercury Retrograde cycle in the house of shared valuables. But this time, likely for different reasons. In fact, this period of restructuring joint financial or material agreements may be a positive step in a romance or within your family. The December 14th Full Moon should reveal how successfully Gemini has grown its relationships, personal and commercial, since June. Very likely, Gemini receives a ‘gold star’ from the Universe.

Art by Kelley Devine.

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