Capricorn: Packing Up and Clearing Out

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Kelley Devine- Capricorn

Capricorn, the builder sign of the zodiac, is on a mission to establish a totally reinvented future. But, in order to successfully build up, Capricorn must first tear down old structures which have long outlived their purpose. Since March, Pluto- the transformer planet- has been working with Capricorn to construct this lifestyle refresh and by September you will start nailing new fixtures of accomplishment to your mental walls.

Last month was busy, perhaps even tough, for Capricorn as quite literally all planetary movement impacted your sign. As the saying goes “the darkest hour of the night is just before dawn.” July provided the cosmic push for you to work overtime on assembling the moving pieces of your life trajectory so they are ready for the exciting changes ahead come fall when Pluto steps forward in September and Uranus follows suit on Christmas. A Full Moon in Capricorn and New Moon in your partnership sign last month drew attention to relationships; this could have meant a personal relationship came under review, or the relationship between opposing elements. How could the relationship between a person or thing be better balanced in the future? Home and family may have received special attention when Uranus positioned Retrograde or backwards at the end of July.

In August, shared assets get assessed by the purview of Venus in Retrograde joined by warrior Mars. Time, money, property- even sex- are all examples of things jointly owned by two intimate parties; how these things are being tended to and governed between you and a lover, business partner, relative or close friend have an opportunity to be improved August 9th through month’s end. Good stewardship is a priority. The August 14th New Moon offers renewal in intimate areas, so if you need to sever ties or redistribute resources this would be a good time. Venus Retrograde makes an encouraging aspect to Uranus Retrograde on August 19th, so if the shift in shared assets is linked to your home or family this is a positive step forward in those matters.

Painting a bigger picture for Capricorn- one which is likely linked to the overall transformation plan initiated in early springtime- the planet Jupiter opens doors for learning, travel and communicating as of August 11th where it will influence your house of personal expansion through 2016. Is an advanced degree, big trip or move, or publishing a piece of work part of your future plans? Probably! In some way, Capricorn is preparing to grow beyond your personal comfort zone, to become bigger and better, to expand physical space or mental capacity. The August 29th Full Moon initiates your first step towards understanding the bigger picture of where Jupiter is leading. Prepare to take on more.

Next month tips off Capricorn’s plans to abscond any mediocrity in present circumstances and reach for something grand; the more radical, the better. A Lunar Eclipse in September will echo the change themes from early April’s prior eclipse, and Pluto will launch ahead in your sign. Use August 25th-26th as a gathering period since the Moon will be in your sign on those days; wrap up unresolved business or relationships, assess the stock of what would be useful to take with you when moving ahead, and think steadily on the great objectives you plan to succeed at in the near future.

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