Capricorn: Inside The Cocoon

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Kelley Devine- Capricorn

Images are of paintings by Houston artist, Kelley Devine.

Capricorn continues to undergo a major unearthing which eventually reaches its turning point in late September. Since around March 16th, Capricorn has been working towards immersive transformation as Pluto moved ahead in your sign. Pluto transits are experienced as cosmic exposure of the authentic self. However, shortly after Pluto took a step forward it then retracted its advance around April 16th recognizing that you were not yet finished with the deep emotional work required to emerge from metamorphosis. And so, since springtime, Capricorn has remained in its cocoon stage on the precipice of growing wings. Finally in July, Capricorn begins to open up.

The Full Moon in your sign on July 1st heralds a highpoint in intuition; your body and mind connect in knowing what it is you are meant to do next. Since Capricorn energy is always about the need to achieve, you may begin observing small signs of success in personal goals. Do you have a clear vision of where you would like your life be heading in the near future? The Sun and Pluto make an equilibrium aspect on July 6th, meaning the identity planet is balanced in perfect opposition to the cosmic detective- your core persona is being investigated and brought out into the light so that consciousness may be clear. There is no need to hide from being your authentic self, and Pluto makes sure that you don’t. In fact, those very things which you normally work so hard to suppress are likely the same things which could lead you to great admiration in the world.

Fresh feedback from others around the July 15th New Moon may offer an enlightened perspective on your true nature or desired goals. Listen with the heart instead of the mind on this one, and be careful to listen to those whose hearts are in the right place. Search for emotional reassurance that you are headed in the right direction and have the support of loved ones. Mercury the communicator and Mars the doer unite on July 15th and together make an equilibrium aspect to Pluto in your sign. Conversations and most likely physical encounters will characterize the exchange between you and another around shedding falsehoods so the truth can be revealed. Even more so, whatever ambitions you have will require great work and both Mercury and Mars combine to help strategize and then execute. For all the reflection happening this month, there is an equal amount of action. If you feel restless, good- you are headed for a breakout in September and then another shift in December.

If you have a Capricorn rising sign, then personal agendas receive a boost- especially those connected to relationships. A July 1st Full Moon in the house of first impressions brings individual power to a high, giving you negotiating room with others. Mars spends the entire month revving up the partnership house, so anticipate lots of head to head interaction with close compatriots. The July 15th New Moon in the partnership house suggests the tables may turn in your relationship or business partnership; this activity may be especially related to finances or joint resources such as time, property, clients as related to business or sexual intimacy as related to romance. The Venus Retrograde cycle begins July 25th in the intimacy house and runs through September, so you will spend a little over the next month carefully examining any joint financial holdings and psychological issues around partnership. Money becomes a talking point with the July 31st Full Moon.

For all those with Capricorn energy, a sense of elongated waiting with small steps in between characterizes your journey towards September. Remember that each increment of progress is a building block in favor of you achieving what it is you set your heart on. And as you begin to transform from the inside out, notice how a different breed of people also start emerging around you…one of which may ultimately make a worthy partner.

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