Capricorn Horoscope- April 2015: View From The Mountaintop

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Eruptive transformation is Capricorn’s theme this springtime, and the series of significant turning points which began in March continues through April. Life may now feel metered by emotional volcanic activity as Capricorn is cracking open to reveal its more authentic elements underneath the surface. This month’s horoscope challenges the goat of the zodiac to cover new terrain as the fault-lines of your world keep shifting.

April 4th signals a Lunar Eclipse whose events are an extension of activities which began around March 16th-20th. Rather than feeling stress or anxiety about the eclipse, recognize it as another necessary pivot point along your path to become more successful at living in true identity. Over the past two to three years, Capricorn has experienced a sort of identity crisis with particular focus on the professional life. “Is what I am doing really representative of who I am?” Many Capricorns may have left jobs, worried about promotions and obsessed over the need to have ‘made it’ to a certain level in their career. By nature, the goat of the zodiac is a climber- there is an inherent drive to make it to the top of the mountain. Since 2012 Capricorn has pondered:

  • Is this the proper mountain to climb?
  • Am I high enough yet?
  • How much longer is this going to take?
  • Who has noticed that I’m not there yet?

This month you continue discovering what you are really meant to do. On April 15th, Pluto- the digger of the universe- goes Retrograde until September. This reverse trek allows time to dig up old beliefs about what you are ‘supposed to be’ and expose them to the light of the lessons you have learned since March. Pluto in Retrograde will amplify your personal power by helping you see the old, shadow version of yourself in clear comparison to the new, vivid you.

For those with Capricorn rising, the balancing act between career hopes and family expectations highlights April. The April 4th Lunar Eclipse in your career house may shed light on professional relationships or the relationship with your boss. Are you able to successfully meet the demands at work, and are you excited by the work you are doing? On April 8th, Mercury and Uranus link up in your home arena followed by a New Moon in that same arena on April 18th. Collectively, those cosmic events draw attention away from your public life and refocus you on private matters. Throughout the month, your house of creative expression gets stimulated by three planets. Mars, Venus and Mercury all activate your desire to create something that is truly your own. The results of that activity may play a role in professional ambitions or home-related efforts. April 10th-11th are personal power days as the Moon is in your sign, so expect creative insight to be boosted. Domestic matters garner resolve April 16th-18th, and you squeeze in some time for partners or romance before the end of the month on April 23rd-24th.

Regeneration is the path for Capricorn this spring, and April’s Pluto Retrograde motion coupled by the Lunar Eclipse sets you on the journey to form a revised identity. As Capricorn treks unknown territory over the next few months, it will arrive at the top of the mountain and be amazed at the extraordinary view of how life has taken shape along the way.


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