Capricorn: Deja-Vu

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May 2015 Capricorn horoscope

Feel in limbo, like just as things move ahead they come back around again? Good news- you’re not crazy. Bad news- you are correct. This back and forth motion is exactly what’s been happening in the sky throughout spring, but luckily this month you receive a little lift from lovely Venus.

March 16th is what started it all. Since around 2012 two planets, Pluto and Uranus, had been creating pressure on your sign and in early spring of this year that tension finally broke. You felt like events reached a capitulation and you were paving new ground. Then last month on April 16th, Pluto decided to go Retrograde and temporarily revisit those old feelings or circumstances one last time. It’s as if the universe is testing your resolve. Are you really ready to move on?

You will revisit these deja-vu scenarios through September, but May 11th through the end of the month gets some assistance from Venus in your coping skills. Venus moves through the feeling sign of Cancer, pulling on your heart strings and your emotional center after the “dark night of the soul” experience with Pluto. Now is the time to pull in the people and resources required to move your life ahead when Pluto eventually goes direct in late summer. Use this month to envelop yourself in the comforts of hobbies, belongings or loved ones who make you feel like life is worth the fight. Build a security blanket of financial savings and strategic alliances to fortify you until the planetary break next season.

May 7-8th intuitive Moon is in your sign; trust you know what it takes to succeed in your mission and follow up on that. By May 21st, intuitive Moon meets up with powerful Pluto so this day should be your peak energy for the month. Plan critical decisions for this time.

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